She found herself in a picture like world.  Where the trees look like they were from a beautiful photograph of a forest. The floor was like a coloring book, white with bits of grass growing out of it.  She runs her hands through her ponytail nervously as she takes in the scenery.  She doesn’t remember anything from. before,  just there and now as she takes it all in.  

Nervously she clenched her hands into a fist before opening them up.  As she wondered, she noticed that she couldn’t locate the sun even though it was shining.
For the longest she made no contact with any other living creature, only the sounds of the branches being rustled when she pushed them out off her way.  She had no idea where she was but it didn’t frighten her in the least.  

Lost in thought she trips over a branch.  Throwing her hands in front of her she catches herself, groaning in annoyance, she sits up.  She exams her hands, red after the impact and stinging.  She heard something else move and she looks up to see four little glowing lighting  in front of her. Red, Yellow, Blue and White.  

“Hello?” she says surprised that they grew brighter as she acknowledged them.  She smiles happy for the interaction.  “hi”  she says again not really knowing if they even understood her.  

She gets up and they rise up to her level following her every moment.  “um…  So what are you guys?”  she questions.  Slowly they begin to hum in sync with one another.  She believed they meant her no harm,  but the humming made her nervous. It got louder and they grew brighter.  She took a step back nervously wondering if she should run.  

Suddenly they shot forward ramming into her.  She was so surprised she yelps as she felt a force pushing her causing her to fall down yet again.  Gasping she sits up her hands tapping her body inspecting for anything different.  

“hello” she heard something in her mind.  She yelps in shock yet again,  finally realizing the little glowing lights have thrown themselves somehow into her.  “we have a lot to tell you”  she heard one of them,  the yellow one telling her.  “would you care to listen?

She thought about it for a moment.  She had nowhere to go and nowhere to be.  She had no idea where she came from and didn’t know where she was.  Maybe if she listened she would understand. ” I’ll be happy to” she smiled.  Crossing her legs she closed her eyes.  The yellow one being the only one to talk.  “great we have a lot to say and explain”  it tells her slowly taking apart the picture world she was in.  She was now in pitch blackness but she could see herself just fine. Nodding she takes a breath and decides to listen.