We have been trained our whole lives to do this. He gave us the order but still everyone was nervous. No one wants to make the first move. Alright fine, I’ll do it, what do I have to lose?  I start to sneak around. The only good thing about my small height and slender body is that I can actually sneak around. Even with all this heavy gear. I run and start to crouch, my gun already loaded as I hit them. I hit three at a time and run back to my place. You hear the sound of the bullets flying and you wonder why I am not being attack right now.”2578, get back here” they called me. I’ve gone too far ahead of them, still adrenaline is pumping through me. I don’t wanna go back just yet. “2578, that’s an order” they call me. But I am so close to finishing our mission. If I do this I’ll be able wake up every morning from here on knowing that I won’t have a big chance of dying. I start sprinting making my way towards our main enemy. I sneak up not knowing how I got in so easily, all I have to do is get past these few guard without drawing any attention to myself. I slide into a small crack behind the door and wall waiting for the girl to get closer. She senses that something is not right she starts to look around. My body is tensing up if she find me they will kill me in a split second. She turns her back on me and starts to make a call. “It’s clear here” She says as I sneak up closer to her. Drawing the blade from my side I  bring it up to her neck, pressing it down as I slit her throat, covering her mouth so her screams are muffled. two more to go, and he is sleeping.I can see him from my view. Right in the back he is laying down as if everything was fine. It takes me a while to notice that I am no longer connected to my squad. But I have to push on…..