The other day my friend who is a big star wars fan had wanted to go see the recent movie rogue one. His brother was sick and couldn’t go so I went with him instead. I am actually not a star wars fan, and the only things I really knew were things that everyone else knew. There was the empire which is controlling and bad, you have your good guys who are rebelling against the empire, and then there are complications because no one is 100% good or bad and there are situations that are so complex.

Still I wasn’t pulled into the whole story of what and why. I had seen the forced awaken, and now this one. In comparison, Rogue one was actually amazing. The way the movie was able to pull together so much information was able to get to the depth of what was happening I found myself really enjoying it. It got to the point where the movie was so relatable with the things that were happening now in today’s society that I became interested in the ideas of what the whole story was about.

Rogue One takes time before the original star wars trilogy and it brings together this idea, of how much it meant for the rebels to take down  the empire. The slightest achievement was sometimes involved in the sacrifice of many who believed their death was for a good cause. Despite the odds that were stacked up against them, you saw and could feel the excitement or the importance of the mission the characters take on.  By the time you get to the end of the movie, you feel a deeper understanding of the movie and why it has such a huge impact on people. There is a symbol of hope in key people that fight for what they believe is right. You see worlds, and different planets that have different cultures, aliens, and ways of living. People that always want to cause destruction, and innocent who suffer at the hands of the bad people and sometimes good people.

This was what I was able to get out of just knowing what I know and seeing the movie Rogue One. I could only imagine what I could learn from watching or reading more into it. It’s why I like to believe that people should keep an open mind and not turn the other way when it comes to seeing something new. You might never know what you can gain from the experience.