I’m going to go back in two days, back to hell. Leaving everything behind again to stand in line with my brothers, to fight and protect what I have at home.  But for now I am home.  She was purposely being a handful. Still it didn’t bother me,  she didn’t want me to leave again. Tonight I didn’t want us to fight, but she was willing  to push it, if it kept us inside, that much she showed.

Despite being in the army, she never left my side even though I have to constantly leave hers. Even on those nights when I woke up screaming with the horrors of war. She would soothe me down and convinced me I was home.  

The war wasn’t great but I did what I believe would make a difference.  I was good at it,  I was no longer a private, I have moved up in the chain of command.  Still it didn’t mean that when at a war I didn’t pray I would make it back home, make it back to her and everyone else here.

Finally ready, she was in a flowing dress that was tight around her top body but loose around the waist.  We make our way to the family party.  

Upon arrival, her mood lighten up but she was still trying to convince me that we should leave early and go home, to spend the night together. But I want to be with her in another manner. I want to see her enjoy herself and get use to other people. So she won’t be lonely when I’m gone. It doesn’t take much, she is a social butterfly and soon she is across the room in a crowd of people and a glass of champagne in her hand.

The music starts to hit its rhythm becoming hard to ignore. With a glass of whiskey in my hand, I stare at her from across the floor. She flow with the music as she lets her body loosen up. Her eyes meeting mine as she spins and swings her hips to the beat. Smiling at me, she runs towards me. One hand in mine the other grabbing the glass of whiskey. She finishes it in one gulp, making a childish face at the taste. Putting the cup down, she leads me to the middle of the dance floor. Our family eyes now on us. She was a professional dancer. Her whole life was surrounded by music and parties. Her passion towards it has made me develop one of my own. Placing one of my hands on her hips she grabs the other one in hopes that I would lead her.


Pulling her closer, she giggles at my actions causing me to smile  and I begin to guide her hips to the music. Back and forth we dance. Letting go of my hand she spins around me, never losing her step to our dance. Her eyes always staying focus on me as I pull her back into my arms. Her body against mine as we move our bodies to the music. A form of happiness expressed with our bodies instead of our tongues.

Come tomorrow, I’ll be gone and she’ll be left to deal with the loneliness again. Soldiers as we are called, war machines. Built for the purpose of fighting. No emotions, and sometimes it help to behave like we don’t have any. Just stay focus and keep all feeling out, a way we behave while away from home so we won’t miss it so much. That’s probably why she was putting on such a show. Her dress flying around her as she spins and giggles. We have an audience as they watch us mesmerized by our little dance with each other. I never knew how much music can bring joy to someone, until she showed it to me. Now before I go we have to enjoy our dance. This one little dance before everything else catches up with us.