The smell of burning flesh is one of those thing you won’t ever get use to. I slide the crowbar against the concrete, to make noise, just for the sake of attracting more attention from anywhere I could. It did the job, because one of those things looks up and slowly picks itself off the floor. Looking at me with a blank stare as it stumble it’s way towards me. I stood where I was waiting for it to come a bit more closer, just a little more closer. It growled at me and then advance running full speed. These motherfuckers sure can run.

Full power into a swing and seconds later warm blood was dripping from my hands. I know that crowbars are messy but I can’t help but to like the feel of the vibrations as It hits and breaks their skulls open. “Nicholas!” My name echoes through the tunnel. I turn around facing my sister as she jumps out the car. “What do you want?” I ask her. She takes out a sword from it sheath, as she jumps out the car and runs to me. “Leave me some!” she yells as she hits me in the stomach with the hilt, causing me to lose my grip on the crowbar as I fall over.

“What is your problem?!” I question trying to catch my breath, “Quit hitting me!” I complain picking up my crowbar as I bring it over my shoulder. She was over the top for no reason.  “Why must you use that, you cause such a mess, if you leave any bloodstains on my shirt I am going to kick your ass” she starts. “You are using a sword for god sake, no shit you are going to have bloodstains on it” I explain to her.

“Don’t think you can be a smartass just because you are my older brother” She yells back.” I never said I was, you’re just being an idiot!” I yelled as she was really beginning to frustrate me. “If I am so dumb, why can I kill them better than you?!” She glares at me, lowering down her sword. “Whoever said you could kill them better than me?!” I yell back as I lowered down my weapon. “It’s obvious, I never make this kind of bloody mess when killing, and look you had to set the trash on fire, you really are quite reckless.” She starts to point out, trying to make herself look like she was all high and mighty. “You try taking on twenty of them at once, you tend to forget that they run!”

“I don’t let them run, I run to them!” she yells in my face trying to make me back down but I yell right back not bothering to move away “And you call me reckless, you bimbo!” I scream at her not only mad that she started this for no reason, but that she is always putting herself in danger just so that she can prove she is better. “You know what Nick go …..” a high pitch scream cut her off as we turned looking for the sight of the sound.

“There!” she yelled pointing at one that had started to make it’s way towards us. The idea came to both us at the exact same time, who is actually better at killing? We both pick up our weapons, running towards it, to see who could kill it first. She got to it first, cutting it’s head, her sword slip a little to the side and hit the shoulder cutting it’s arm off too as blood splatters everywhere.

“Oh, would you look at that” she says putting her sword down  “I am better than you” she says sticking her tongue out. We were right in front of a car, so when a hand came out pulling at her arm as if it wanted to hug her. She screamed, frighten and unable to lift up her sword. I took my crowbar automatically driving it into the biters eye. The blood oozed out onto her shirt as she pulled away from the limp body. I was shaking a bit too as I fell to the floor. “My damn shirt!” she whined.

“You were almost bit because of your recklessness, if not for me you could have died and that’s what you’re complaining about!” I yell at her. We heard another growl but not just one. Turning around, they started to come in packs, slowly at first but as they got closer our smell to them gets stronger and they ran in a desperation for food. Picking myself up, crowbar in hand I groan with annoyance at the aches in my arms. Swinging the bar was going to take a toll on me, maybe a new weapon is needed at this point.

“Look what you did! All your yelling has cause them to come to us!” she yells running towards them again. “Flower, this is not a joke, stop fooling around and take this more seriously” I scold her running after her just case any of them tried to climb onto her. Her sword was a part of her arm. The way she moved with it, she knew she was skilled and was to prideful about it. Every stroke and slice of it cause one to fall right after another. She was never really serious when it came to killing them, she found this whole situation to be like a game.Even though I enjoy the moment of adrenaline she loved and fed off it.

The sun was setting and the smoke has clouded our view. Yet Flower had no fear in it. As my little sister, I am always worried that she might get hurt or killed going all out on so many and never taking it seriously. “Flower!” I yell at her, tell her to wait up but she kept moving ahead. Something push me to the ground, my first reaction was to break my fall, and then to get it off of me. But before I could even do that it was on top of me. My weapon fell out of my reach and I was struggling to push the bastard off of me. His low growl in my ear and the snapping of it’s jaw made my skin crawl. The skin rip easily as it keeps pushing forward. As it skins slips off it’s jaw snaps, coming closer to me.

“Help!” I scream and turned around to look for my sister’s assistance. To my surprise she was pin down kicking them away from. Her sword had been caught inside a body because she hasn’t sharpen it and, taking proper care of it. She had a hard time trying to pull it out of the body and was at the same time trying to keep off all of the other biters as they ran to her. She kick them away but by the pants and beads of sweats that were on her, she was losing stamina quickly. As for me this one biter is inches away from my throat and I couldn’t get enough force to push it away from me.

I look back at her again in time to see one of them throwing her to the floor as she lost grip of her weapon and went flying back. She scream a shrill scream that echoed all around us. But she kept on fighting even when one of them manages to grab her arm trying to bite her. she was now in the same situation as me pushing a decaying face away from her body. “Nicholas!”she finally screams and her voice cracks as she cries out. I yell out frustrated that I couldn’t do anything to help even as she called my name.

To be continued…….