“Maka, Guard?!” Soul yelled at her. She was trying to think. “But Soul, if I guard, you’ll die’ she cried out backing away from Crona. Against the door with no way out, she was shaking with fear. “Maka!” Soul yelled out. Crona swung the blade and Soul turned back into his human form with the intention of shielding her from danger. Maka was able to read his intention and snap into her senses. She wasn’t going to let Soul die because of her actions. She pushed him out the way. “Soul!” She yelled “Run!”, seconds later she felt a blinding pain spread across her left shoulder blade as she felt the sword slice through her skin. Something in the back of her mind catches her attention, it laughs at her as she struggles to breathe. They were in her mind again suffocating her in the darkness, ready to swallow her whole.

Jerking awake, she sits up ready to run, only to find herself in her bed. Breathing heavily, she hugs herself trying to calm down. “Maka?” Soul mumbles as he turns around in their bed. She wanted to capture everything about him in this moment. His snow white hair, his deep red eyes that stare at her in confusing manner, his strong body and arms that reach out to pull her in. “Maka you are here with me, okay”  Soul tells her as he wraps his arms around her, pulling her back to bed. He notices that she was tense and he rubs her arms soothing her. “You’re safe” He mumbles as he embraces her. Maka lets herself relax, looking around their room. They had a balcony and light curtains so the moonlight shone right through. The bathroom located on the other side of the room next to their closet. Their dresser was on opposite sides of their bed and right next to it the door. This is the life that she had built with Soul, this was her reality and she won’t let anything take it away from her. Not even the black blood that has lived with her all these years.

“Meister Maka here” Maka says entering Lord death domain. “Hey Maka, glad to see you” Lord Death says as he bounces into the room. “I have an undercover mission for you and uhhh… where is Soul?” Lord death asks.


“He is a little busy right now” Maka says no effort to hide her annoyance. She left him to deal with Blair after she pop into her house in her human form crying about some guy that left her. It wasn’t that she hated Blair; she just wishes the cat would stop appearing naked in her house. Despite his protest Maka made Soul dealt with it, knowing all too well she has no patience. “Alright I’ll expect you to debrief him them” Lord Death tells her handing her a file. “We’ll get it done” She confirms as she turns to the exit. “Oh one more thing” he tells her ,stopping her in her tracks.

        “I would like to ask how you are feeling?” he asks her. Maka hesitates recalling the dream she has last night. “I’m fine” she says to which he gives a simple uh huh. “Why such a weird question?” she asks again nervously as she smiles awkwardly. She turns around to put on the full act of being A-O-K but Lord Death was no longer in the room.

Did Lord Death notice something wrong? It’s been years since the black blood overtook her sanity. When she first became infected by it, she had nearly killed Soul and poisoned him with it. She managed to reclaim her sanity back, but it still laid rest appearing in her dreams every now and then. She was no longer a student of the WMA, now she took on more serious jobs, especially since Soul is now a death scythe. But Lord Death hasn’t asked about it in years, even though everyone knows she still had it in her.

Maka enters her house looking for Soul. Not finding him, she goes into their training room and changes into a tank top and sweats. She pulls her hair back into a high ponytail and begin to warm up. Going over the details of their next mission, they had to find a mobster in Italy and kill him before he could become a Kishin. So they had to infiltrate the club and make their way to him. She begins to hit a punching bag, practicing her swings.

        “Baby?” Soul calls out as he enters the house. He put his keys on its hanger as he looks for her. He sees a file on the coffee table, must be their new mission. He hears grunts coming out of one of their training room. “Maka?” He calls out as he enters the room. Maka was too concentrated to notice his presence as she starts to do high kicks on the punching bag. Her body was glowing with sweat. They were no longer kids at the Academy now. They have both grown up since then. It’s been 4 years since he became a death scythe and she was the reason he became one. The last death scythe ever as promised to the witches. Her stomach is toned up, her muscles well defined in her arms and legs. Where she was once flat chested she now had soft and perky breast, and a fine ass that added to her perfect body. At least Soul believed it was perfect, since he is the only one that gets to see it.
Maka turns around, catching Soul eyes inspecting her physique. “Hey” she says out of breath snapping him out of his trance “hi baby” he speaks up clearing his throat as he points to the folder in his hand “Our new job?” he asks and she nods smiling, knowing he was checking her out. “That’s cool, I’ll get you some water and put this away” he says stepping out blushing. 4 years dating that women and Soul still can’t help but feel that he is lucky.

She giggles as she watched him leave. Then turns back to punching the bag again. She had two punches in before she started feeling dizzy. Maybe she really needs the water, she thinks to herself taking off her gloves. Her throat felt closed up, forcing her to take bigger breaths.  The dizziness gets stronger and she falls to the floor. She looks up again no longer in her house.

She was in the black room “No” she whispers in fear getting to her feet. “No no no no” she begins to yell, looking around trying to convince herself she wasn’t there. She gets up running around trying to look for a way out. A dark chuckle echoes in the room and she stops where she stands frozen in fear. “Ah Shit” she whispers closing her eyes and she clenches her fist.  A force hits her, causing her to fall; it picks her up slamming her into a wall. Her hands pin above her, she tries to twist away, but can’t move, her feet dangling off the ground.

Her hands are now cuffed above her. She feels something licks her face and she flinches trying to fight it off. She opens her eyes staring at her was a woman with blue skin and dead white eyes. She knew what was going to happen and she couldn’t help it. She tugs on her chains one last time, breathing heavily as panic sets in. The woman gets closer to Maka, her cold, dirty nails digging into her skin right across her stomach. Maka can’t help it and lets out a shrill scream kicking her away. “Get away!” she yells kicking the women away, but the woman grabs her feet once again digging her nails into her legs drawing blood, a cruel smile spread across her face and her head twist to the side in a psychotic manner “Where have you been Maka, We’ve missed you” she says softly. Maka knew this was only going to get worse as tears welled up in her eyes.

Soul enters the kitchen pouring Maka a cup of water as he leaves the file on the counter. They will look it over later tonight. Soul was thinking of joining Maka with her training it has been a while since they have been able to spar because she always has to use him when they practice at the academy. “Maka” Soul calls out entering the room again, only to find her collapsed on the floor. “Maka!” He yells alarmed running to her aid as he set the cup down. He checks her pulse looking for signs of damage skin or bruises. “Baby” he calls out to her caressing her face.

She whimper, giving of a sign of distress. Then she starts to scream thrashing around “Maka!” Soul yells trying to let her know that he is there. “Maka! Stop! You’re okay!” He yells holding her arms down to prevent any more damage. She stops thrashing around as she stares at his face. Breathing heavily, she was still on edge, not sure if she was back home or what to expect. “Soul?” She asks, wondering if this was part of the torture. “I’m here babe” He tells her, his voice so full of concern.

Maka reaches up touching his face confirming it was him. Breathing in deeply she relaxes. “What happen?” he questions as she sits up. He hands her the cup of water. She drinks up trying to gather her thoughts. Maybe it was just a one time thing; she feels fine now like that room was now gone and lock away. His face full of concern and they needed to be 100 percent focused on their next mission. She couldn’t risk having him worry, she will be fine. She forces out a laugh and waves her hand “sorry, I guess I need that water more than I knew, I fainted due to dehydration.” She explains, pulling herself up trying to look unfazed by the whole incident. “Come on, we have to start packing for our next mission” she says, trying to sound cheerful, if Soul didn’t believe her he didn’t voice his concern. He grabs her hand and walk out of the room with her.

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