Maka had decided to wear a little black dress.  It hugged all of her curves, two straps wrapped around the back of her neck, holding the dress up which emphasized her breast. With no backside it allowed her to show more of her skin.


She enters the club with Soul’s hand around her waist. He was wearing a red dress up shirt and dress pants. A club like this you need to look like you were made out of money. So far the plan was to learn the mobster’s agenda and then time his death.


“Maka I am going to head to the ‘bathroom’” Soul says and motions where he was going. She nods, knowing he really wasn’t going to the bathroom, but to chat and find out some information.


She takes a seat, hoping to hear a conversation that would catch her attention. “A gin and tonic please”, she asks the bartender. He places it in front of her and she begins to sip at it. The bitter taste normally would make her cringe, she wasn’t much of a fan of liquor, but tonight she felt different. A sort of adventurous feeling was dwelling in her. She began to doze off sipping at her drink as she takes a look around. Unable to find a conversation that had anything to do with the guy they were looking for, she hesitates about on whether she should use soul perception. She didn’t want to look at their soul waves but it would be faster to spot suspicious people out if she did.


She motions for another gin and tonic, immediately she starts to drink it and closes her eyes as soon as it’s placed in front of her. The room was filled with human souls, but there were two down the bar from her that were a little different. Their souls were twisted with evil and it sparks anger in her.


“Maka.” She hears a voice in her head and she ignores it; refusing to submit to her fears of the black blood. “Maka…drink more, have fun, come on you deserve it”, she hears a woman’s’ voice laughing. She tries to shrug her off, but looks down at her drink which was nearly done. One more drink wouldn’t hurt, besides she never has a chance to relax. She made a quick mental note to look for Soul and let him know what she learned.


Ordering another drink, she spills the last bit of her drink by accident. “Oh” she laughs leaning back to avoid the liquor. A bartender runs over throwing a rag over the mess, as she giggles and apologizes. The third drink barely lasted a minute. Looking down at the empty cup she giggles again. Why is she giggling like an idiot?. She makes a hand motion for another one, and although hesitant the bartender places a new one in front of her. She grabs it like a little girl grabbing a juice pouch and drinks it in the same manner. No longer feeling the liquor taste as strong, her taste buds are numb and the feeling is spreading faster than she wants to accept.

“Maka?” She hears someone yells her name and they grab her by the shoulder, turning her around.


“What are you doing?” Soul questions her while eyeing the bar where the bartender is cleaning up at least four empty cups similar to the one the Maka was drinking. She looks down at her drink which was already halfway done. “Hiya!” She squeals, swaying a little. “Shit”, he mumbles and grabs the drink out of her hand smelling it before pulling back in disgust.


“What the hell Maka! Are you trying to get drunk?!” He scolds her, putting the drink down and motions for her to get off the chair. She nods unsure of herself as she grips onto his shoulder to get down from her chair.


“I found… *hiccup* … someone that might *hiccup* … be…-”, she tries to tell him but is embarrassed that she couldn’t even form proper words.


He shakes his head. “My job is to protect you first. You can’t fight in your state.” He tells her, pushing her in front of him as he guides her by her hips, pushing her towards the exit. “We’ll try again tomorrow night”, he tells her.


She is upset with herself; she wasn’t supposed to get drunk at all. Finally realizing the situation she was in, she feels rage bubbling up inside her. Everything was angering her, the lights, the music, the people it  made her clench her fists. She wanted to lash out and the only thing that kept her from doing so, were the two hands on her hips guiding her out of there.


Out of nowhere, a woman talking obnoxiously loud bumps into her spilling her drink on Maka’s dress. “Maka! Look at what that bitch did to you”, she heard the voice yelling in the back of her mind. “Are you going to let her stand there and mock you like that?”

“Watch where you’re going, bitch!” Maka yells slapping the cup out of the woman’s hand and then tries to give her dress more attention. “Keep her on a leash” the woman yells in disgust towards Soul. Not fully understanding the scene unfolding in front of him he stands there perplexed. Maka swings her fist wildly, but manages to hit the woman in her stomach. The woman doubles over for air and the room goes silent. Shit this isn’t good Soul thinks to himself. Maka sneers at the women and brings both her hands up again, a clear motive that she wanted to knock the woman out cold.


Soul wraps his arms around her pinning her arms to her side. The woman saw this as a perfect chance to hit her back and punches her across the face. “Whoa, not cool!” Soul shouts as he turns around so Maka won’t get hit again; angry at the women who hit his miester, his girlfriend to be more precise. He is tempted to punch her back as she tries to come at Maka again. He pushes her off by shouldering her, hoping to unbalance her. Soul isn’t one to hit a woman, that’s not what cool guys do, but things are different when it comes to fighting and this is a fight.  Maka, still upset, had a clear shot of the women in front of her. Lifting her feet up she kicks her away when she tries to tackle Maka.


“Are you out of your mind?!” Soul yells at Maka. The kick had caused him to lose his balance dropping her. Maka caught herself, getting up she was ready to fight.  Grabbing her again, he pulls her back as he carries her out, while someone else grabs a hold of the other women. Maka was a hell of a hard opponent to fight against, but at the moment the drinks had left her sluggish and easier to control.


He lets go of the anger, this is already out of control and he needs to get Maka out of there. “We are leaving, now”, he tells her in her ear. It makes her stop fighting back for just a moment.


Soul leads Maka out of the club, people staring at them as Maka struggles to break out of his grasp. “Put me down!” She screams struggling but he hold on tighter. To the point where he knows he is going to end up bruising her. “I’m okay, let go!” She yells, still angry since she didn’t feel any pain. Soul ignores her cries until they get into the street right next to the rental car they used for the mission.


“How dare he treat you like a child, that woman deserved it.” There was that voice again, but it made Maka feel alive. She was right, Soul should have let her take care of herself. “She deserved it!” Maka shrieks repeating what the voice in her head tells her, letting the rage take hold.


“You could have killed her!” Soul yells back. What was Maka thinking that was a normal human being she attack. Soul lets her go and she shoves him away. He remain unaffected by her push, which nearly causes her to fall. He sighs annoyed, grabbing her arm, he forces her into the back seat of the car. “Would you stop embarrassing yourself, you just blew our cover with that scene you caused!” he snaps at her and she stops fussing in the back. She blinks trying to focus on the situation, what was going on through her head, she actually pushed Soul when he tried to help her, and hit a woman over a drink.


Maka clenches her fist, tears of anger threatening to come out. Some sense snapping back into her. “You are explaining this to Lord Death tomorrow”, he tells her as he drives back to the hotel. “Okay” she says softly after a while. Soul is right, she made this mess, and how did she manage to fuck up so badly? She throws herself on the back seats, sprawled out as the dizziness makes her feel nauseous. “That was fun wasn’t it?”  She heard that woman’s voice from far away. Leave me alone! She yells mentally to her. But the woman doesn’t respond. Her voice towards the end of it all sounded more faded too. Maka falls asleep in the car. She ignores the waves of nausea until Soul stops the car. Her stomach lurched but she doesn’t react too tired to even bother moving.


“We’re here”, Soul says opening the car door. Maka was curled up into a ball fast asleep. He sighs and makes his way inside to pull and pick her up from the car. Would it have been easier to carry her if she was the weapon? Soul chuckles to himself. They enter their hotel where the desk reception gave him a questioning look. “Don’t worry, I’m not kidnapping her” he thinks to himself, glad he didn’t have to answer any questions.


Entering the room he makes it halfway in their room, before Maka starts whining softly in his arms. “Mmh?” he questions looking down at her. Did she wake up?


“Soul?” She says her voice dry and raspy.


“What wrong?” He questions as she starts to wiggles in his arms.


“Uhh” She groans and jumps out of his arms. Maka didn’t feel good; she covers her mouth taking deep breaths and runs to the bathroom. Never again is she going to have another gin and tonic. She hurls her stomach out as Soul enters pulling her hair back and patting her back. “I hate gin and tonic” She mumbles voicing her disgust.


Soul just laughs softly. “Glad to hear. Come on you need to sleep it off.” He tells her as he helps her clean herself up.


She nods and walks back into the room where she unties her dress letting it drop. Soul enters into the room to see her dress on the floor. Maka’s facial expression still read drunk as she was wobbling trying to stand still.

“Sit on the bed” He tells her grabbing one of his shirts and places it on her. She put her hands up like a child as he helps with her clothes and takes her heels off. Once done, she throws herself down on the bed and falls fast asleep. Tonight was an unusual night for them, but Soul was too tired to think about any of it. Without bothering with his clothes he drops down on the bed and fall asleep right next to her.



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