Three years of  living in this house and I still carried a lot of anger in me.  It was a wake up call to my parents, when I tackled my sister after I taunted her into hitting me with her gun. Father had us training in the woods. My sister was the soft hearted one, she didn’t like killing or hunting. Even if we ate our game, she hated being violent. So when I got a rise out of her after a full afternoon of teasing her, our parents grew concern.


I wouldn’t say we fought like any siblings did. She hated being violent but I actually was able to push her buttons. She knew she wasn’t strong enough to hit me, so she would damage my things. We might of lived in the same house, but her lifestyle was way different than mine. She was the princess of the house; smart, social and just the fucking jewel, that got everything she wanted.  Me, well I was just the violent idiot that was only good in the ring.


I was sitting on the toilet cover, while my sister sat on the edge of the bathtub. Everyone was in the bathroom as we tried getting out story straight. Mother was tending to my sister’s cuts on her face and arms from when I threw her down. Father was tending to a gash above my eyebrow from the second hit she threw at me with the gun. The first hit was across the ribs. Her bruises would have been worse, if father hadn’t practically pried me off.


I was holding a tissue to stop the bleeding on my face, as my father inspected my ribs for anything broken.  Mother believed it was because I was constantly surrounded by harsh environments. Father wanted me to keep fighting, he had personally trained me, he thought with good training I could make it big in boxing. But mother was able to persuade him. A girl needs to be strong but gracious. She was also concerned that me and Ava couldn’t ever get along even though we were both 18  and have been living together for three years now.


So they send me to dance class with my sister in hopes of fixing this constant tension between us. The first week was absolute torture. I wasn’t like the other girls or like my sister. Their movements flowed and their bodies were slim, beautiful, what a girl should look like. Unlike me. Father’s training had left me slightly more bulky. Although I had flexibility, my body didn’t move with ease like theirs. I didn’t blush or giggle like an idiot when the instructor’s son would help us with our dancing. I didn’t express the same interest as the rest of them and so I focus on dancing the same way I focused on fighting. To keep everything out of my head, and be better.


My sister expressed to me her feelings towards that boy. Practically swooned when he help her with her dance routine. He helped me the most out of all the girls. I thought at first it was because I really sucked. With no experience of being around guys in any other way than to fight, I wasn’t sure if his behavior was friendly or not. He had a way with words that often confused me. However with his help I became just as good at dancing as I was at boxing. Practically second to Ava, who was now helping teach the classes with her new boyfriend. My sister has been going out with him for at least a month, after 8 months of flirting around and I assume he was respectful.


Father didn’t approve of her dating him. He claimed that guys like him weren’t the most faithful. Guy like him try to smooth talk their way into any girl’s pants. Constantly surrounded by other females and no attempts of trying to show boundaries. She would argue constantly with father about him.


“Baby girl, don’t you see that boy is playing with you” he would scold her.


“You don’t know him, when you always shut him out” she was crying now. I didn’t want to be a part of this; letting mother know, I grab my stuff and headed to the gym.


Returning back three hours later, I found her crying in her room. Our relationship had improved, so it concerned me to find her this upset. She likes to going out dancing, so I ask my parents to let us go out to the city. Normally they wouldn’t let Ava go alone, but since she was with me they were practically pushing us out the door.


“Take care of your sister”, father advised me before we left. I just wanted to cheer her up, I even called up her boyfriend and some friends to meet up. We were under age, so we couldn’t drink, but Ava still found a way of getting her hands on alcohol. She has taken a liking to whiskey like our father. Wrapping her arm around me, she was starting to get intoxicated.


“Let’s tell them!” she giggles. “You are my sister after all.”  She wanted to let everyone know our little secret and asked me to help call everyone back to our table. Her boyfriend and friends still didn’t know that we were related since we look so different, and normally I didn’t push it because I believed she was embarrassed of me. I guess those dance classes paid off. We have become more closer over the past couple of months. Nodding, I made my way around telling them to head back. Getting to her boyfriend, I found him flirting with another girl. Snapping him to attention, I began to interrogate him, but he brushed it off, trying to persuade me to not tell Ava.


“I wasn’t doing anything bad, perhaps I could convince you to stay quiet” he says smoothly.  Cornering me in a wall, he places both hands beside my head. “I know quite a few tricks to keep your mouth busy” he says into my ear. His words were slurring and he was having trouble standing still, clear indication of how intoxicated he was.  Shoving him away, he grabs me instinctively as he fell, causing me to fall with him. “I like how you play, Susan” he comments, pulling me closer, liquor reeking off of him. Pulling away, I punch him across the face with more force than I mean to, knocking him out.


“Susan! What are you doing!” Ava yells running to his aide. “Why were you on top of him”, she starts to question me, and I feel the anger is directed at me.


“He isn’t worth your time” I mumble dusting myself off.


“Why would you hit him, he isn’t like you!” she continues to yell. Dazed, he opens his eyes, groaning in pain.  


“Ava, he is fucking with you, I just caught him flirting with a girl and he tried to put the moves on me” I explain to her.


“You’re just envious that he wants me and not you” she snaps at me.


“I am glad he doesn’t want me, I would have hit him harder if he tried”, I comment. She rolled her eyes dramatically.  


“All those times you had him teach you in private, you probably were trying to seduce him” she was now throwing accusations at me.


“You really think I am the kind of girl that can seduce” I question. Father was right, I should have kept a closer eye on her, perhaps we could have avoided this. “Are you really that infatuated by this pig, you won’t believe your own sister?”


“You two are sisters” he questioned, completely surprised by this revelation.


“Shut it” we both yell at him.


“Ava come on, you have got to believe me, when have I been the type to lie?” I tell her, reaching my hand out to her. Taking a deep breath, she reaches out for my hand doubt still in her eyes. Suddenly he yanks her back, almost making her fall.


“Ava, you are to stay with me” he snaps at her acting possessive.


She tried to pull away, but he grabs her more forcefully. “Let’s go” he orders her. She looked at me with fear in her eyes. She tried again, this time he grabs her by her hair yanks her in his direction. She cries out in pain and I jump right in. Grabbing his hand I twisted it forcing him to let her go. “Ow!” he cries out, irritated with his action and not caring about getting kick out of the club, I punch him once in the stomach and throw him to the floor. Father has been teaching me self control. Despite the temptation to beat him to a pulp, I back away. My hands could be considered weapons, and I would hate to end up in jail over this.


Ava throws herself towards me, upset and scared as we make our way out the club. “Maybe next time, you should listen to father” I tell her.


“Don’t tell him, He’ll probably kill him” she warns me and looks at what I hope is now her ex with a pitiful expression. “Maybe you shouldn’t have hit him so hard” she says softly as we walk to my motorcycle.


“Maybe he shouldn’t have touched you like that” I throw back at her getting defensive. She cringe at my words but a smile appears on her face anyways.


“Thanks sis” she says quietly.
“You deserve better than that anyways” I tell her pulling into the road.