Hey, so recently I went to this restaurant called Blend on the water. It caught my eyes for its beautiful view of the New York City skyline. I was never able to book it for a day that I would like to. So to celebrate someone’s birthday I was finally able to book ahead of time. (3 weeks in advance for a Sunday) This is normally the smartest thing to do. The restaurant is actually well-known for its food and view, so getting a table is hard for a reason.

Anyways I actually enjoy going out to eat especially with New York having so many different cuisines from so many different countries. Getting there, I was dressed up since it wasn’t acceptable to go dressed in casual clothing. The place is ground floor, and half of the restaurant walls are windows to give every once access to the view.

Dim lighting so the menus have back light which is very convenient. The menu was quite simple but had a decent selection of entrees all quite different from each other. Pork, beef, chicken, and seafood were all included on the menu. The food took a while to be made, but it was worth the wait considering how wonderful the food came out. The presentation of the food was different from what I am use to, using an actual flower on the plate. The food was absolutely delicious, taking your time was the best decision, or else it would be possible to get filled too fast without really enjoying the taste.



I caught the serves looking around at their table a couple of time to check if everyone was fine, without actually disturbing people’s meals. This allowed those who are eating to be able to enjoy their food, without having anyone else’s presences around.  Along with the music which played all kinds of Spanish music, from bachata to salsa and even romantic music.

Even if there was no need for a date, a glance at the bar could show the elegant design and thought they put into creating the atmosphere. Stopping by for a drink or relieving stress could also be an option in this restaurant. I do highly recommend this restaurant for special occasions or even a simple date. Especially, if you are in the mood for a Spanish cuisine.