Journal Entry: 27

Date: 07/15/2074

This always happens. On the news and all through the main media it will show for weeks, maybe a month or two. A horrible disease that our government has learned about. That has spread through our country and they are trying to keep it to a minimum or develop a “cure”.

Got to the point where it became quite comedic actually. The horrible swine flu, and then when everyone freak out about Ebola, or a disease that still made it to the news was the Zika virus.

Now here is the next one, only this one has brought mankind to its knees before. It was once feared a long time ago. This time it was different, this time our government failed to quarantine it. This time we don’t have a cure.

The world around us is changing rapidly now. People are in constant fear, with mask over the mouths in hopes of minimizing their chance of infection. Police are now always with people in hazmat suits. Our country has been forced to cut off all connection with the rest of the world. Somehow we manage to keep our economy on good hands. Money is all being directed towards a cure. Laws are being twisted, they can take whoever they want to test on. Many have lost family members now.  The government has become so desperate they are now preying on their own people.

Rebellions have been formed in hopes to keep people from being taken away from their families. They took my parents and my sister over the past months. After all New york is where it started, with all of our dirty subways, disgusting motels, and reckless public behavior, we got plenty of sick here.  The most they have been able to do is create a mobile air filter that allows us to be in contact with the sick without becoming infected.

It was just like before, people  in bed sick with high fevers, painfully swollen lymph node, constant vomiting, coughing up blood, and shortness of breath.  I wonder if their fear was worse than ours. We officially fear blood in this country, any open wounds could mean high risk of infection. But at least we knew how to try to avoid it. We knew what the symptoms were, and hold onto our love ones begging for a cure to come soon.

The people of the past weren’t so lucky. They would burn the bodies not knowing it would quicken the spread of the disease. Trying everything they could, not being able to get better. We have antibiotics now, medicine to reduce the pain, to stop the spread of infection from killing us so fast. We have some ray of hope that our modern technology can now save us. But will it?

In public sick people were treated as they were the disease itself. Not allowed to use public restroom, go into restaurants or even partake in any activity that meant they could spread the infection. Homeless people were officially on the run, hiding from people who turn their fear into rage and called them traveling sickness. Their intent was to kill, and our government would turn a blind eye to the killing, cleaning the bodies up afterwards.  

Who could ever guess that human could be so cruel when it came to saving their own skin. Then again we aren’t really a species that survived on instinct, more on brute force.  A species of self-preservation. We really are our own downfall. Attacking one another instead of helping.

Who am I to be so judgmental though? I took part in our government efforts to find a cure. That is until they took my family away from me. I knew what they were going to do to them.  I myself have done it to countless of other sick people. Used them to test out new drugs that we hope would be the cure or a step towards it.

I was closer than the rest of the scientist to bring the fever down and  have signs of improvements. But when I wanted to keep my family out of this, they not only took them but also my research. I can’t stop ranting how much I hate them for that. Almost all my entries for the past 3 weeks have been about this.  How I now have first experience with the public’s cruelty and desperation. Stealing as much as I could from the labs to keep me alive and away from the infection  of the outside world. 

Now here I am about to go into the black market in hopes of escaping this country to keep fighting for a cure somewhere else. My family is alive. In pain maybe, but definitely alive. I’ll come back to them when I know I can help them. The government might have taken my research, but not all of it.

I’ll let you know if I have any luck in making it until next week. 

– Dr.Snyder