She was ready for the party, or at least thought she was. It has been only a week since the break up and she has gone all out into trying to make herself look as beautiful as she could. She had put her armor down for tonight, hoping she could distract herself at a party. Lucy and the rest of them were waiting for her at Sabertooth guild.The two guilds had finally become good friends once their brutal master was taken down and Sting had taken over. She steps in front of the mirror looking at her figure. She had on a short black dress that showed off all her curves, the straps making an X on her chest where it loop around her neck. Her hair tied up into a loose bun letting a few red strands fall. she had curled it and even put on makeup. Yet she couldn’t shake off this feeling that her outfit was not enough.

“Erza, come on!” Mirajane yells from outside her room. “Our carriage is waiting”

She sits on her bed unsure if she wants to continue with it. Mirajane as if she could sense her doubt steps into the room to find her laying on the bed. “Hey, are you alright?” Mirajane questions her sitting down next to her. “I don’t know, I am not this pathetic  to let this get to me, so why is it?” she ask out loud. “Don’t think for a second this is you being weak” Mira jane says hugging her. “You’re the strongest person I know, but you can’t always be strong”

Erza chuckles at that. Mirajane is also an S rank Wizard and anyone that has seen her on the battlefield knows her power. Erza knows this is her attempt to make me feel better. She smiles at her “Thank you, your right” she responds and gets up. Grabbing her small bag she heads out with Mirajane.

It has been two hours since she has arrived at the party. She has tried to put on her best smile for everyone, but it was growing more tiring with every passing minute. She took a look around.

Natsu and Happy were chomping down on whatever they could eat. “Natsu, you can’t keep doing this when we go out to parties” Lucy was complaining as she crossed her arms in annoyance. “Doing what?” Natsu asks with a mouthful. “Don’t waste your time Lucy, that idiot doesn’t even know what manners are.” Gray scoff, arms across his bare chest. Wendy appears next to them with Carla. “Gray you don’t have your clothes on again” Wendy tells him giggling. He looks down surprised to see she is speaking the truth. “What?!” Gray yells  in surprise. “That’s a moron for you” Natsu comments. “Hey! Who are you calling a moron?” Gray yells at Natsu pulling him up by the shirt. “You, You moron!” Natsu yells back punching him right across the face instead of just pushing him off. They start fighting as Lucy sighs, giving up on them as a table falls. Members of both guilds that were watching are laughing it off. She laughs for the first time that evening feeling happy to be around her friends.

The happiness leaves as quickly as it comes and she sighs heavily, making her way out of the room onto a balcony. She is trying so hard right now, but all her memories of Erik flash around in her head. He had a sad past like her and when he had help Jellal, her interest in him spark. Jellal was confusing, she knew they couldn’t work out that well and she wondered if Erik would be like Jella but more willing to express his feelings. She swore she could make him change, but all they ever did was fought. They would meet in secret on certain missions. At first he was a real asshole, but he soon started talking more about his past. Letting her know of all his suffering and she listened. They got together and began to do side missions trying to find more clues on END and everything else. They were together for only half a year, but he is the only man beside Jellal she had ever let into her heart. And both have left her confused, heartbroken and alone. Just when things seem to be going well he broke up with her and left before she even got to question him why.

All of a sudden she didn’t want to be there anymore, she had to fight back tears. She was scared of having any of her friends see her like that. The only person that knew was Mirajane and she didn’t want to continue burdening her with all of these stupid kind of emotions. She made her way out of the guild swiping a bottle of liquor before making her way onto the road. She knew this was dangerous to be out here alone, but she was strong enough to take care of herself. She found herself making her way to an inn and ordering more drinks at the bar.

As the night wore on she grew more and more groggy with the drinks. She let her hair down, tired of her whole get up. Going into the bathroom trying to splash more water on her face to wake herself up. She couldn’t go back to the guild like this. She isn’t one to lose herself in the liquor like this. She should probably stay in a room for tonight. Taking a deep breath and steadying herself, she leaves the bathroom, making her way back to the counter. The place was so badly lit she couldn’t see well in the hallway. Stumbling to keep her balance, leaning on the wall.  How has she even ended up drinking this much. It was all hitting her at once, dizzy she tries to walk to the counter to reserve a room so she can lay down.

Without noticing she crashes into someone, normally she wouldn’t have budge, but she wasn’t in a normal state of mind and goes sprawling onto the floor. “I’m sorry I wasn’t looking at where I was going?” she detected the voice pretty close to her, he must have fallen down too. “It’s okay these halls are lit so poorly, no one can see a thing” she comments grabbing the hand that pulls her. She wobbles and almost falls again. “Woah” he jumps to her aid and steadied her. “Are you alright?” he says, grabbing her by the hips. The sudden movement freaks her out as her body stiffens. She still hasn’t seen his face well, but he has his hands on her hips. He realized what he did and jumps away  “Oh ummm I-I-I di-didn’t mean to!” he yells obviously embarrassed. Her cheeks red with embarrassment too, she leans on the wall trying to fight away the dizziness. “It’s okay I just need to make a reservation for a room tonight” She says softly and tries to walk away but still stumbles. He grabs her gently by the arms leading her out of the dark hallway. “Let me help you at least” he comments.

Her head down, she nods and leans on him a little, thank god no one she knows is here to see the Might Erza this weak and helpless. They step out into the more lit inn “Scarlet?” he whispers to himself in disbelief. She stops again, wondering how this man knew her last name. She looks up at him, seeing that his hood has been pulled down and his blue hair shone dimly in the light. Locking eyes with him she felt her cheeks getting hot as the liquor quickly left her system. Thinking so much of one guy was hard enough, but now being stuck in an embarrassing situation with the other was worse.

She pulled away surprised to see him so close up. “Je-Jellal!” she stutters “What are you doing in Magnolia?” she asks. “I’m staying just here for a little while to do some research on END” He comments face still red and she realizes she isn’t the only one that has been drinking heavily tonight. She stands straighter trying to not look as drunk but fails as she trips back. automatically he reaches out and grabs her hand pulling her back. “Why are you here, how much have you been drinking? he asks, pushing her hair out of her face. She peers into his face and notice how he concern he is.

“I need to make a reservation” She says quietly and make her way to the bartender. She does it without his help and orders another drink. “You shouldn’t drink so much” he comments sitting next to her. She drinks the drink all at once “Not a big deal when you drink with Canna on the regular” she comment shrugging off the drink.”Besides I know how to handle a little bit of alcohol, you don’t seem to be doing too well” She was trying to prove she had something under control at the moment.  He orders a drink too, and despite their faces being red from the alcohol they being trying to out drinking each other.


Well into the night, both are struggling to continue drinking. “What are you doing? Trying to prove your point?” Jellal comments as he finishes his drink “Idiot, you should just give up on this you are pretty good at doing that” She snaps at him and regrets it the second it is out. “Uhh… sorry I didn’t mean that” she says softly, looking at her empty cup. “No it’s okay, you have every right to bed mad at me” he says, and she can’t help but to look at him wondering if he really meant that. He looks back at her giving off a shy awkward smile. “Alright, will you two have another drink or should I close that tab?” the bartender interrupts. This is getting a little to weird for her liking “How much will it be” She asks and she reaches for her coin bag. Her eye open in surprise to not find her coin bag on her. She begins to tap herself  looking for it. “uhhh….” she says freaking out as Jellal watches her. He sways a little smiling at her. She frowns not wanting to say it but the bartender is waiting on her. “I think I might have lost my money” she says. Jellal smiles disappear “Did someone steal it?” He ask concern, standing up to look around the chair. “I am not sure” she mumble double checking to make sure. Jellal grabs his bag and sets it on the counter. “I’ll pay for both of our things” he tells the bartender. “Jellal, no” she says but he stops her mid way “would you rather go home?” he asks her already knowing her answer.

Look, it’s fine, things like this happen” he says and she nods with the bill cover she sighs deeply looking at him. He is a little unbalanced in the chair and she grabs him by the arm. “Come on off to bed you go” She says leading him to his room. She gets up, having difficulties holding herself up and they both lean on each other getting to the room. It was small with a closet and a small night stand by the bed. “Never seen you like this, normally you don’t drink that much” She comments and he sits on the bed. He looks up at her “Normally you don’t get that drunk or careless” he responds. She takes a step back not sure how to respond to his comment. Was it the noticeable on how much she is falling apart.

He look at her in the dress and gives off another small smile. “You look stunning by the way” He says softly. She felt the blood rush to her cheeks “Moron, don’t go saying stupid things while you’re drunk” she huffs. “Even if it’s the truth?” he questions. She let’s her head fall not wanting to show how frail she really felt. All that drinking she had been doing tonight along with his comments were enough to bring a lot of the pain back. “Don’t” She mutters falling to her knees. Her face covered by her hair. “You can’t do that” She says again. “What do you mean, I am just telling you the truth, you’re beautiful” He says getting closer. “No Jellal, you can’t say things like that knowing what it will do to me, when you’re just gonna get up and leave” She says louder. Her heart was pounding the closer he got to her. Despite being drunk she felt him come closer, the way his hands burned on her skin when he touches her arms. “Who says I am going to leave” he says softly. “You always do, you never once thought about me” She could feel the tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. His hand brushed against her face pulling her hair back.

“I always thought about you” he said softly locking eyes with her. His eyes were intense looking at her as if she had died and been brought back to life. “More empty words” she says just barely a whisper. “If you don’t believe me i’ll show you” he says and brings his lips to hers. She closed her eyes enjoying a sensation she has gone so long without. the warmth of his lips. She kisses back wanting more as she made the kiss deeper. Her hands move to his neck and he pulls her up to the bed. His hands caressing her body. She moans slightly to the touch and kicks her heels off falling into the bed with him.

What is she doing she starts to ask herself, is she really this drunk to do this again with him. he pulls her in hugging her kissing her and her doubts vanish as he untied the top of the dress and lays her down. He runs his hands through her hair her beautiful scarlet hair. “You have always been so beautiful, even when we were kids” He say placing kisses on her neck. Suddenly his actions were no longer so gentle, as he rips her dress off starting at the hem.

Exposed now she shyly covers herself with her hands. He shakes his head no,  removing her hands to taking a good look at her. “Do-don’t stare Jellal” she blushes and he smiles lovingly at her. “I will show you how much I care about you” he says, his hands on her hips pulling the last of her clothes off. He takes off his clothes and kisses her again. She pulls him closer and she could feel him against her. Teasing, making her squirm under him. His mouth goes to work on her and she moans in pleasure running her hands through his hair.“Jellal” She whispers her hands wrap around his neck he leans down to kiss her as he connects their body together.  

She digs her nails into his back now. Her hips grinding against him in an attempt to help continue with the rhythm.She pulls him closer and he takes it as a chance to please her again, his hands on her hips helpings him to increase his pace. She can’t keep up and lets him take over arching her, back crying out his name. She gasps, screaming out in pleasure. “Shhh the neighbors will hear us” He says jokingly fully aware he was making it impossible to be quite. “Ahhh” She yells out again and pulls him closer, the are both breathing heavily getting closer to their climax. Suddenly the whole world goes blank as she falls apart underneath him as he finished seconds later. “Erza” he calls out her name kissing her softly on her lips. Her breathing has slowed down and she felt exhausted but content. The realization of her feelings pulls her away mentally from the moment they just shared She would never be able to stop loving him.Still even in her state she refused to say it out loud. To admit it to herself only to have him leave again. Her eyes open for a second looking at his face as he stares down at her. “I love you, I will show you how much I love you” He tells her and she smiles, closing her eyes she falls asleep in his embrace.


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