Erza rolls around in her sleep. The blankets felt soft against her bare skin and the sun was shining through the window on the far end. But the window wasn’t suppose to be on the opposite of her bed. A slight headache was forming at the back of her head as she grunts in annoyance, images flash and she remembers how much she had drunk last night. An arm wraps around her, pulling her in.

Her eyes open up right away, looking at the hand that embraced her. She sits up grabbing the blanket to cover herself, only just realizing she was naked under it. “uh” she mumbles looking down next to her.

Jellal was peacefully asleep next to her, the blanket successfully covering below his waist. Freaking out she squeals grabbing the blanket  in a panick. Pulling away from him causing her to fall off the bed hitting the floor with a heavy thud.

“Ow” she mumbles rubbing her head in pain. “Erza? How did you fall?” Jellal questions looking down at her from the bed. It took her a while to register him actually being there staring at her with such a gentle smile. “What?” She squeaks pulling the blanket closer to her chest. His body fully exposed and glowing with the morning sunrise she can’t help her eyes traveling down to his lower body. Jellal catches her eye movement, a smirk flashes across his face.

She looks down not being able to look at him directly. The sudden movements cause the dull pounding in her head to increase and she grunts in annoyance, swaying with dizziness. “We did have a lot to drink last night” He laughs handing her his hand. She grabs it as he pulls her up, still holding her hand “You do remember what happen last night” he ask his tone soft and sweet, and her mind goes back to last night. Remembering everything, all the caressing and kissing and touching, the pleasure he gave her, the words they spoke at the end. Bright red she nods as he pleaces a kiss on her forehead. “We should get dress” are the first words that tumble out of her mouth.She drops his hand and turns her back picking up her clothes.

Jellal tried to make light conversation with her but she only responded with grunts and nods. “Is everything alright?” he finally asks her as they were eating breakfast. She still had a lot to sort out in her mind. She didn’t know what she wanted out of this, since she believed it was long over and now here they are sharing a meal as if all that time in between didn’t matter. Even so she didn’t want to shove him away just yet.

“Yeah, my friends are probably just worried about me back at the guild” She smiles trying to hide her thoughts “I should be heading home now…. maybe I’ll see you around” She says getting him up and waving as she heads for the door. “Erza wait” he calls out to her stopping her dead in her tracks. “Look about last night, I’m sorry we got so drunk like that, there is more I need to talk to you- “ he started trying to explain until she put her hand up in front his face, silencing him. “I’ll see you around” She says trying to play it off as if it didn’t have an effect on her. She didn’t want to get caught up in these kind of emotions all over again, but she didn’t want to let go of the feeling yet.

Back at the guild she made her way through the back door feeling like a rebellious girl sneaking back home. Closing the door in her room she undress and throws herself into her bed, enjoying a second of being alone to get her thoughts in order. Her and Erik  had only broken up a week ago. Yet Jellal made such a bold move last night, heck she let it happen. It could have easily been blamed on the drinks, but he didn’t seem to regret it at all this morning. Jellal knew she was with Erik for the past half-year, since he always avoided them whenever there might have been a chance for them to cross path. Now he is back and making her heart thump like this.


Her time alone wasn’t much with the sudden knock on her door. “Erza? It’s me. Mira jane, can I come in?” She says from outside. Looking down at herself she realized she was only in her bra and underwear and went to get a change of clothes before opening the door. “What happen to you last night?” She asks closing the door, following Erza to her bed. “One second you were there finally smiling with everyone and the next thing I know you’re gone” She says looking at her up and down in suspicions.

Propping herself up on the elbows Mirajane began to inspect Erza. “You didn’t go see him, did you?”

“Erik? Of course not” Erza waves her hand trying to act casual.“Oh really so then you don’t mind telling me what happen last night, do you?” a mischievous smile spread across Mirajane face.

“Ehhh!” She blushed “What are you talking about, just needed to drink? She yells trying to play it off. “Erza, You can’t lie to me, I saw you sneaking into the guild like a guilty teenager.” Mirajane giggled pointing an accusing finger at her. She sighs unable to hide the truth from her friend, “I bump into Jellal last night and got a little too intoxicated” she mumbles embarrassed about it.

“Oh! You spend the night with him! Didn’t you!” “Mirajane yells out in surprise. “Shhhh!” She hushed her grabbing her head in pain. “I still haven’t recovered from it all” She says bring her knees in, hugging them in effort calm down her headache.. “I told you not to drink so much with Cana, that was gonna do you no good.” She elbowed her arm laughing.

Erza pushed her off the bed knowing she was gonna starts asking a million questions. “Let go join the rest of the guild downstairs” She says jumping out of bed pretending she didn’t just throw Mirajane off. “Can’t ignore me forever!” She laughs again. This was the side many people didn’t know about Mirajane she always presented herself as quiet, happy, and powerful. No one saw this teenage behavior in her except Erza.

She step outside her room and could already hear a rumble starting between the ice mage and fire wizard. She grunted in annoyance her headache still sensitive to the loud noise. Making her way towards the middle of the guild people parted way as she made her appearance. Lucy must have tried to prevent it and gotten caught in the middle of it, since she was now laying on the sidelines completely dizzy and a bit batter up.

Getting in front of them she grab them by their hair pulling them apart from each other “WOULD YOU TWO GET ALONG ALREADY!” She yells flinging them off opposite sides of each other. One landed on top of a table  crashing into the food that got shoved involuntary into his mouth. While the other landed on top of his exceed  who was now crying over his ruined fish. Juvia took it as a chance to play nurse with Gray and jumps on him.

“It doesn’t make sense to make them get along and then flings them away from each other” lily mutters as Gajeel makes an entrance with a work paper. Everyone snaps out of it and focus on what the paper says. “Erza, this is specifically for you” Levy comments reading it out loud “Special request  for the Titania, carriage will be sent to Fairy Tail and taken to special destination”. Everyone peeking over Levy was looking at the paper in curiosity.

“Look!” someone yells out loud. “10,000 jewels for this job!” everyone’s head moves down to look at the bottom and they gasp at the award price. Lucy begins to sulk “Erza? you don’t happen to need a partner by any chance do you” she comments the color in her face drained and Erza knows Lucy is having a rough time with rent again. Smiling she is about to let her come along.

“This job is requested for Erza, so only she is allowed to go” Master says before anyone has a chance to say anything. That was Master for you so strict with the rules for customers. “I’ll give you twenty percent of my award when I get back, okay” She shrugs not being able to do more.

As the sunsets Erza is still wondering who would pay so much money for such a secretive job. There was only one way to find out and it was to go. They called her Titaina which mean they believe she is very powerful, so this shouldn’t be anything she couldn’t handle. With food in her belly she grabs her sword and waves good-bye to everyone making her way to the carriage that seem to just be arriving.

The sky was glowing an orange purple color as she rested peacefully in the carriage. She took a look outside the window every once in a while only to notice she was leaving Magnolia and going up a hill, but from what she knew there was nothing outside of the town for a good distance. She began to nod off listening to the carriage making it’s way on the bumpy road. She doesn’t know for how long she fell asleep, but woke up to the carriage stopping suddenly causing her to almost fall forward.

Getting off she look around for signs of anyone, only to see a clear open field. Spring flowers were blooming and the breeze felt amazing as she took a deep breath enjoying the setting. “I didn’t think you would come” She heard a voice behind her and grab her sword in response, swinging it around only for it to clash with someone else’s blade. She held her blade, mentally scolding herself. How could she have let herself relax in an unknown environment, that was foolish of her.




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