“Sorry! That was my fault” He says still holding his blade against hers. “Jellal!” She exclaims pulling away from their sword lock. “Hey” he says returning his sword back to his side. “Were  you the one who sent that job out?” She questions him putting her sword away too.

“Yeah well, I needed you alone for a bit” he says “You did a good job at drawing everyone’s attention, with the amount of jewels you put down” she comments thinking back to poor Lucy. She won’t be able to get a twenty percent profit. “Didn’t want to risk the chance of you not turning up” he explains. “What if I had brought Natsu, Gray and lucy?” She asks teasing him.

“Would you like to have dinner with me” he asks holding his hand out. She doesn’t answer immediately, wary of his intention. “Jellal…. I, about last night.” She starts fumbling with her hands, this is really unlike her. “We were both really drunk, I don’t think we should start anything now, things are a bit complicated for me right now” she finishes quietly.

Jellal took a step forward and held out his hand, “I know that things are a little hectic at the moment, but I need your help Erza, we can discuss it over dinner.” He says grabbing her hand and tugs a little, “Just give me one chance, if you disagree with this by the end of tonight, I won’t bother you anymore.” He says his warm gentle smile. Normally Jellal is vague about his intentions or feelings, but recently he has been so full of confidence , and Erza has to admit it has caused a spark of interest in him all over again.She gives a small nod and he lead her back into the carriage.

They made their way towards a small town that was a an hour ride in the middle of nowhere. It was less develop from her hometown, not so far away from it either, so how come she has never heard about it?

“Jellal, How did you find this place?” She questions looking outside the window. He smiles, placing his hand on hers, “It’s a benefit due to traveling a lot” He explains, again his words were unclear.

The town was small, but full of life and all kinds of colors, almost like a festival. Lights was beaming everywhere, the kids were running around on the streets and food shops were displaying so many flavors and choices of foods. Erza could smell all the spices in the air grown stronger as they got closer to the center of the town. Suddenly her stomach growls in anticipation, imagining what to eat. She grabs her stomach in embarrassment hoping Jellal didn’t hear it. Jellal laughs “Don’t worry our first stop will be a restaurant” he tells her. “Sorry” Erza mumbled patting her stomach in hope it wouldn’t growl again.

They step out of the carriage, Jellal helping her step out makes his way towards a small shop. “Jellal, I don’t have the proper clothes for a meal out.” Erza whispers to him. “No worries that’s why I already have one for you” He says making his way inside a shop. A girl  see him from across the room. Blushing she runs the other way. Another love struck girl look at him, Erza thought to herself. The girl comes back into the room and grabs Erza’s hand leading her to a dressing room in the back.

She didn’t even have a chance to ask what was going on, before this girl rip her clothes off. Or at least tried to. The armor that she had on was way to heavy for any normal human being to lift. Embarrassed the girl steps back looking down. “I am sorry, But Mr. Fernandez said it was urgent to get you into this as fast as possible.” She explains. Bewilder about the girls rushing she laughs and smiles at her. “Next time try not to undress an  un expecting girl” She tells her. T

This town definitely does not know who she is, no one in their right mind would try to touch Erza without consent.  She takes off her armor and lets the girl fix her up, putting on jewelry, and make up fixing her up. It took the girl 20 mins and then she grab Erza hand again and was leading her to where Jellal was in a suit waiting for her. His smile was welcoming as he took her hand and they made their way out.

The food was amazing as they started to catch up talking about what they have been up to. Erza was finally letting herself relax, thinking that Jellal actually wanted to try to be together in a more simple manner.

“Jellal” Erza said grabbing his attention, she wanted to ask him something she hasn’t noticed until now.  “You said you were back because of a mission, but I haven’t seen Ultear or Meredy at all, are they not with you?” She ask him taking a sip of her wine. His face darken as soon as she mention their name. She puts her wine down, “Did I say something wrong?” She asks concern at his reaction.

“No.” He comments sitting himself up, but still had  pained face on. “About three weeks ago we were all looking for more information about E.N.D, we found more information besides his demons.” He says and Erza could feel the tension in his words, recalling the recently learned information at the sun village.  

“We got a little careless and they were taking away from us. Me and Cobra tried to stop it from happening but they got their hands on them and kidnap them. We kinda parted way afterwards in hope to look for them but we haven’t found many clues.” Erza grabs his hands “Why didn’t you say something sooner?!” She was shock that he could hold something back for so long.

“That’s why I am coming to you now, When I was at that tavern, I was drinking my frustration out, and then I planned on getting in contact with you within the week. But I didn’t think I would ever bump into you there. His hands forming a fist. “I have failed as their leader” He says quietly and Erza didn’t know how to respond. “I need your help, you’re the only one that I can count on.” He says grabbing her hands and squeezing them.

“Ok” She says  standing up, “Let’s go”  she grabs him by the hand “We can find them, no one is going to hurt our friends, got it” the determination in her voice was so strong, she felt it helping Jellal with his struggle. “You haven’t fail them as a lead, you only fail if you give up” she tells him and with that they pay their meal and make their way out, cutting their dinner short.

Erza has never seen Jellal behaving this way he has changed a lot from when she has last seen him. Maybe they did have a chance at being together.

She felt the sudden embrace as he hug her from behind. “Thank you” He whispers softly to her. Standing still she wasn’t sure yet again how to react. “Are you okay?” She asks noticing how people were staring at them now. “With you I am” He whispers nuzzling her neck. “Jellal, we are in public” She comments blushing  and equally confused by his behavior.

“Let’s go, I have to notify master that this job is going to be longer than I thought” Erza says and he pulls away embarrassed. “Sorry” He says scratching his head, “I got a little too carried away”  

Erza started walking away trying to calm down her heart beat which was racing. As sweet as everything feel, they now have a bigger problem to deal with. This isn’t going to be easy, if Jellal was asking her for help it meant these things were powerful. Plus he displaying all types of affections and she wasn’t use to any of it. She made her way back to the shop where her armor was being kept safe for her.

The girl noticing they were back from their date early frowned as she went to retrieve the things. Giving Erza a place to change back into her stuff and they left without another word. “Jellal” Erza asks him as they climb back into the carriage. “Mmmm?” He asks closing the door and waving bye to the girl. “Who is that girl to you?” She questions feeling a pang of jealousy. “Oh” he says noticing how weird the situation look.

“Oh sorry, let me explain” he blushes “I found this town because of her, she was way out in the forest trying to look for clean water, their water supply was poisoned by thugs and I stop one from attacking her. She was pretty batter up but she lead me to this town, they had sick people, so Meredy was able to heal them while Ultear and I went after the thugs. We got them to give us the antidote to clean to water in this town and they have been very welcoming ever since” he finishes.“You’re a good guy Jellal” Erza comments and he looks out the window trying to play off the compliment.

The carriage ride back was quite. Jellal would glance over to her direction every now and then, a playful smile on him. His hand reach out as he placed it on her hand. She pulls her hand away, “Hey what kind of shop do you think that is?” she comments pointing out the window just to give her an excuse to move her hand.

“Erza, you can talk to me” Jellal says grabbing her attention. His eyebrow lifted in amusement, “If you feel like this is too much let know” he says. “I don’t know Jellal… I need to get my head straight, plus Ultear and Meredy, we should focus on them”. She says feeling guilty for bringing it up as Jellal face darkens. “We will save them okay” Erza said grabbing his hand to comfort him. He smiles a little, nodding in return.

Back at the guild she makes her entrance as everyone’s eyes are on her. “Where is master?” She asks out loud waiting for a reaction. Mirajane is the first to walk up to her “Master is upstairs in his office, how was your trip Erza?” she smiled and spoke so gently, the way everyone is use to seeing. “That’s what I need to talk to master about” she comments making her way upstairs. Everyone in the hall had their eyes on her wondering what that mission was about but she kept it to herself.

Entering master Makarov office she began to explain the situation to him, leaving out all of the unnecessary information. At first he was reluctant to let her go. “Erza this isn’t a simple mission you are asking to go on.” he comments and she works up another protest but he silences her. “I understand they are your friends and they need your help.” he ponders out loud “I will give you permission to go, but please be careful” he warns her “it’s going to be dangerous, are you sure you wouldn’t want anyone else to go with you?”

Erza didn’t want to think about the idea of losing one of her comrades too “No master, I would like to consider this a side mission, not one under the guild, so I will take or responsibility  for anything that happens. I will not drag down the name of fairy tail” She says in such a monotone voice. He looks analyzing her one last time. “When will you be leaving?” He asks her one last questions. “Early tomorrow morning” she says and he nods letting her leave.

Making her way back into her room she was stop by Natsu, Happy, and Lucy. “Hey, did everything go okay with that mission?” Lucy’s asks smiling at her. “Yeah, there just been an extension on it” She sighs trying to play it off “What kind of extensions?” Natsu asks so curiously it was very innocent.  “Nothing big, don’t worry about it” she says trying to make her way into her room. “Erza is hiding something” Happy says a grin on his face. “What! Who are you to say something like that to me!” She yells fluster.

“See you have that lying face on” he says laughing. “You want to keep pushing it cat” she warns him. “I was only teasing Erza” he laughs uncomfortably hiding behind Natsu and Lucy who were equally quick to try to defuse the situation. Lucy also got with them and ended up having to try to avoid making her mad. Erza sighs again annoyed and makes her way back to her room.

Once she closed the door she made her way to her balcony. Breathing in the cool air as the wind softly blew, she let herself finally relax. “What is stressing you out?” She heard a voice and turned around to the direction of where she heard it from.

“Who’s there?!” She questions her hand on her blade ready to fight. “It’s only been a week, don’t tell me you already forgot about me” he says and she spots him right next to her sitting on the edge of the balcony. His red hair look purple in the moonlight, his white jacket shone brightly as he made eye contact with her. Erza felt her breath get caught in her throat. “Did you miss me?” He comments trying to act cool.



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