“Get up and help me unpack” Maka yells at Soul, who is laying down on their bed.

“I brought all the bags up, why do I have to unpack too”, he complains turning his back to her as he rolls onto his side.

“Come on, I brought up just as much as you did”, Maka complains. “Our friends are going to be here soon and we can’t have a mess here,” she says pulling on his legs in an effort to drag him off the bed.

“GONE FOR THREE DAYS AND YOU MISS ME ALREADY”, Black Star screams jumping in through their window. “Don’t worry it’s understandable to miss a great star like myself”, he exclaims pointing at himself.

Black Star used to be the shortest out of all of them. However, with the years that have gone by, he was now the tallest. He had a lean figure and his blue wild out hair was now tied back into a long pony tail. He outgrew his black shirt and now had a white vest shirt and a baby blue scarf that he used to cover his face with, His pants were baggy and black and his shoes were soft slippers, perfect clothes for an assassin.

“Hey guys, how was your trip”, Tsubaki says changing out of her weapon form into her human form. She has also changed. She was no longer wearing a dress but now black leather pants, and a black sleeveless jacket, underneath she wore a blue tank top that had a star over one of her breasts, and her arms bandaged up a little past her elbows. Her long black hair was now cut shoulder length, as her bangs fell around her face. Despite the drastic change to look more rough, she still had a soft heart.

“I heard Maka got drunk on a mission” Patty yells entering their room. Blushing Maka yells.

“How did you even get in here!”

“Your front door was wide open”, Liz comments entering the room as she leans against the wall.

“Why is everyone even in here”, Kid comments stepping around the Thompson sisters. They have all changed too, both have their hair the same length now, Patty had let hers grow. They both wore white blouses with black boot pants, their boots were black and they were both the same height. What separated them at this point was that Patty still had bigger breasts, and Liz wore a short sleeve white blouse while Patty wore a long sleeve one. Kid was their height, and his suit was all black now. His face has matured, making his yellow eyes look more serious, along with his well trim beard that added age and maturity.

Maka didn’t even know how to answer. Soul sitting up to take a look around seemed nervous.

“Surprise! I was taking a shower when I heard everyone come in”, Blair exclaims as she slams open their personal bathroom door. Soul looks down annoyed

“That was what I was waiting for”, he grunts.

“At least she is wearing a towel this time”, Maka comments, trying her best not to get upset.

“Oh Maka I didn’t know you got this kinky with Soul”, she giggles as she takes out a very exotic and lacy piece of cloth from their suitcases. Everyone stares at the fabric in silent all turning bright red at the situation.

“Blair! Give me that,” Maka yells trying to snatch it back. Blair brings it closer to her chest.

“You’re not denying it”, she sings. But Maka growls and snatches it out of her hand along with Blair towel. The floor was wet around her causing her to slips, her legs fly up giving, everyone a perfect view of what was in between. Soul looks up at her, only to then shift his eyes back down, a light shade of pink spread across on his face. Black Star and Kid ended up holding their bloody nose.

“Sorry, I think I left something downstairs” Kid mumbles before running out fluster. Tsubaki had placed her hands over Black Star eyes, while Patty and Liz run after Kid.

“So much for the towel” Soul mumbles, throwing one of his shirts in her direction in hopes to cover her exposed body up.

After everyone finally calmed down, they all relocated into Maka and Soul’s living room. Maka was in the kitchen preparing some alcoholic drinks.

“Hey Maka”, Kid says, stepping into the kitchen.

“Hey Kid” Maka replies as she pours shots into their cups. “Can you help me with this tray”, she asks him.

“Sure, but first let’s take a shot to the success of your recent mission”, Kid tells her pouring them a separate shot. She agrees as he passes her a small cup. “Cheers, to completing your mission”, Kid says clicking his cup with hers. She takes her shot, and then returns to grab the tray.

“You know, I actually did get drunk and messed up. It was quite embarrassing having to explain to Lord Death the situation” She says shaking her head in embarrassment.

Suddenly Kid was right behind her, his hands on her hips. “But, wasn’t it fun?” He chuckles as his face leans over to her, licking her neck in a teasing manner. His fingers stretch the waistband on her jeans as his hands lowers them. Shrugging her shoulder to nudge him off automatically. Her hands grip the tray as she turns around ready to kick Kid for ever touching her in such a way.

“What do you think y-” she starts. But when she turns around, Maka doesn’t see Kid.

Instead she see that women in her kitchen. “Leave me alone”, Maka demands angry with her.

“You want to get rid of me, huh?” The woman questions Maka as her mouth twisting into a wicked smile. “Alright, I will give you a hint, I’m here to take over your body”, she announces. “But I can’t take it away when you are distracted by things”, she says eyeing the tray of liquor.

“I’ll get rid of you on my own”, Maka declared. She was getting sick of this; and why hasn’t anyone come to check up on her?

“Drink”, the women tells her in a monotone voice as she shows Maka her finger as they transform into talons. She runs towards Maka grabbing onto her neck her talons digging into her neck drawing blood. “Drink”, she yells this time her face twisted with madness. Maka couldn’t breath. She drops the tray to try to get her claws off her neck, screaming but only a faint yelp sound comes out of her mouth. The women lift Maka off her feet laughing at her struggling, then vanishes dropping Maka to the floor.

Maka groans trying to catch her breath, as she look around her kitchen. The women vanished without a trace, well except the broken glass and drinks that she made Maka spill. Soul entered the kitchen looking around at the mess. Maka was on her knees dazed and the drinks spilled all over the floor.

“You okay?” he asks her helping her up to her feet. “Yeah sorry, I tripped and made a mess”, she says looking down.

Soul grabs her chin pulling her face close to examine her. There were small cuts on the side of her face. Maka was tense, hoping he wouldn’t make a comment about it. Staring directly into her eyes he raises his eyebrow for an explanation. When she didn’t answer, he drops his hand breaking their contact.

“Make another batch, I’ll clean this up”, he tells her while grabbing some cleaning supplies. As she begins to make the next batch she adds an extra shot to her drink wanting to numb her fear.


“Thanks for stopping by” Soul tells everyone as they leave.

“BYE!!!” Maka yells giggling from the couch. It was late into the night and she managed to get another drink into her hands. When Soul wasn’t looking, she added another shot into it. Finally, now that everyone was out, Soul turned around to head back to the living room where a clearly drunk Maka was curled up on the couch drinking out of her cup as if it were just water. Soul, feeling a little dizzy himself sits next to her. He takes her drink sipping a little bit of it, only to cringe at how strong it was.

“When did you become such an alcoholic? You don’t even like liquor”, he questions. She giggles swaying as she clumsily gets on top of him.

“I had fun tonight” She smiles.

Soul smiles back. “That’s cool, but we have to show up to Lord death room tomorrow so off to sleep”, he tells her getting up. “Come on let’s go to bed.” He gets up grabbing her hand as he pulls her along. She grabs his hand smiling as he leads her to their room.

Maka although stumbling manages to get out of her clothes and into a silk lacy night-gown. She felt good, nothing in the back of her mind threatening to come out.

Climbing into bed she giggles wrapping herself around in the thin blankets. Feeling a tingling sensation across her skin, the dizziness adds effect to her sensations allowing to only focus on pleasurable things. She lies on her side allowing her left arms to stretch. Behind her she feels Soul gets into bed.

She giggles again as he gets closers to her. “What are you giggling about?” Soul questions her as he lays his hand on her thigh and lets it travel up.

“I feel good” she whispers enjoying the sensation.

“You feel good”, he questions getting closer to her ear.

“Mmm”, she exhales showing how happy she felt.

“I can make you feel better” he claims and then kisses from her ear to her neck. She exhales again enjoying his lips leaving soft wet traces on her body.

He turns her over so she is laying on her back, looking up at him. Her eyes were slightly closed already asking for him, as her breathing became irregular. Her breasts, practically popping out of her lacy nightgown, were teasing him. He grabs her hands pinning them above her and she smiles with pleasure knowing tonight was going to lead to something good. Her hands were still above her head and he locks his eyes with hers. “Keep them there, or you’ll be punished” he orders.

Soul returns back to her, laying on top, placing his hips in between hers. Maka starts to squirm again moving her hips to his. Coming up he smashes his lips into hers, hungry for every part of her flesh. She moans into his mouth whimpering in pleasure.

Bringing her hands to his face, she deepens the kiss shoving her tongue into his mouth as they fight for dominance. Soul thrust harder into her. He growls pulling away from her kiss, biting her neck. Maka yells out again and scratches his back with her nails as her body tense up. Her breathing becoming rapid she cries out, dragging her nails down his back. He growls again a mixture of pain and pleasure as she shakes in his arms.

“Fuck Maka” he groans out as he finishes too. Riding out her orgasm, as her body goes still, her chest moving up and down fast as she is panting exhausted. He falls down on top of her. As her breathing slows down, her arms envelop him. “Maka” he calls out her name. “hmm?” she was caressing his hair. “Did you bring your hands down?” he questions her, she freezes knowing she had.

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