“Rin, Stop!” Shiemi yells crawling away from the blue flames that lick her feet.  He only growled in response. His demonic part was in full control.

“Rin, please remember who you are” She yells again, summoning her familiar to help her. But what good could her familiar do, when she was fighting against the son of Satan.

He was all powerful and sadly there was a side of him that was evil. Pure demonic and evil. She had tried to put up a good fight. But he toyed with her like a cat does with a mouse. Laughing at her attempts as his blade cut through all her efforts with smooth swings. “Please” she whimpers now stuck in a corner, his flames destroying the little cabin they were in.

He continued to tell himself that he was in control. That it didn’t matter how much he venture to the dark parts of himself. He could always pull back, he wouldn’t get lost within the power. But as he stands here, the blue flames engulfing him. He bare his fangs, the demonic expression plastered over his face. He was ready to attack, and this time he was bad guy.

Rin was no longer there. He was gone. It was just a demon now.

Unable to keep fighting. Her heart pounding in her chest, she lets out a shrill scream, using her arms to shield herself as Rin lifts his blade over her.

Yukio comes. His sword clashing with Rins. “damn, how far is he gone!?” He yells out. “I don’t know” Shiemi cries trying to pull herself together. “I can hold him off, but you’re injured, get out of here!” He yells at her as he is pushed back by Rin’s strength. This wasn’t going to be easy, Yukio thought to himself. Looking at his brother, claws, and teeth ready to fight, ready to kill.

Rin couldn’t lose the battle. Not just yet, Yukio was going to protect his brother, it wasn’t going to easy at all. Then again it never is. 


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