“To stay alive in a bad situation you need to have two things” Maka explains writing it out on the board. “You and your partner must have an understanding with each other, if one is thinking of defending, while the other may want to attack it can cause a disturbance in your soul waves”. Soul was sitting down on the desk chair, playing around with an envelop knife.

“The second thing” he says out loud standing up, his first time speaking since the lecture started. He throws the knife at the class causing it to be buried to the hilt into one of the chairs of a student who was dozing off. Unaware of what happened until he heard the knife still buzzing with force in his chair.

The kid screams, jerking away from the chair in a panic causing him to fall off of it. “Is to always be aware of your surrounding” he explains as he walks towards the boy’s chairs. Everyone laughs as he starts to blush in embarrassment.

Soul takes the knife out of the chair, looking at whatever the child was doodling. “Any kind of distraction CAN cause a fatal mistake” He says out loud grabbing the scrap of paper and crumbling it up into his pocket.

Maka notice all the children were tensed up as he crumple the paper and walk away. Her eyes traveled over his frame, he was tall, his white hair gelled back, a nice light gray dress pants with a white button up shirt and a red tie that match his deep crimson eyes. “Well” Maka clears her throat hoping she wasn’t staring at him for too long “Correct’ She smiles at him before turning back to the board. Soon the bell rang dismissing the class as Maka finally takes a seat to collect the kids homework.

“This just doesn’t get old, does it” Soul comments as he takes the paper out of his pocket showing it to Maka.

Looking down she notice the doodle was Soul tied in a chair and Maka with heart eyes looking a small warrior with a sword. Another kid with a crush on her. She laughs “I have seen similar ones when it comes to the girls in our class” she responds throwing it into a bin, “I like it when they cheer for us instead” she comments referring to the other third of the class that likes them together. “Well we are the coolest couple” Soul comments rubbing his nose against Maka neck. She pushes him aside “stop that, we are in school” she giggles trying to be serious “Plus  Lord death needs us again” she motions for him to follow her as they make their way there.

“Mister Maka here” Maka says appearing at Lord Death domain. “BLACK STAR, THE STAR OF THIS SHOW IS HERE!” Black Star yells jumping on top of Soul, hitting Maka in the process. “You’re not a kid anymore, get off!” Soul shouts trying to throw him off. Maka picks herself up off the floor angrily dusting her black pants and red blouse, as she glares at Black Star. “Maaaakkkaaa chop!” She yells hitting him with her hand. Now dazed, Soul manages to throw Black star off. “Sorry” Tsubaki says softly bowing to Maka and Soul, then to Lord Death as he enters the room.

“Nice to see you all” Lord Death says. Black Star jumps back up rubbing his head. “I need all of you, several inmates have lock down a prison and have begun eating some of the guards.These are the profiles of each inmate” he explains to them. “I need the four of you to stop and kill them before things go out of control” He tells them. They all nod in agreement to take the job. “We will leave tonight” Maka spoke for all as they agree again and head out.


Maka stood outside the door where the criminal have barricaded themselves with a handful of guard. Maka closes her eyes trying to feel the presence of the souls. The hallways were dark, all the other criminals are on the lower floors and have started escaping. They had a limited of time to get everything under control. She focuses on the souls inside of the room. “How many” Soul asks. “There are around eight of them and 12 guards.” she said, her eyes closed as she tries to pinpoint their exact locating, the black blood stirs in her body, she could feel the craving of impulsiveness slowly spread inside of her body. Shaking her head she forces it away and focuses on the mission. “Black Star get the guards out,  we will distract the enemy,  then come back and help us round them up.” she says, her voice above a whisper for him to hear.  


She turns around firmly gripping Soul in his death scythe form as she takes a breath readying herself. Kicking open the door charging in, yelling at the top of her voice to get all the attention on her. “You will pay for your crimes!” Maka yells and then charges through the first inmate. He turns back growing at her, his sharp teeth jagged and blood-red stained lips. His eyes had a yellow fever color to them and his pale skin complexion was the final touch to showing the little to no humanity he has left in him. She kills him and switches on the next one. This one has similar features and brings its nails, no claws up to attack Maka. She blocks the attack jumping back and notices Black Star carrying the last guard who was wounded out of the room. With everyone safely gone and out-of-the-way she relaxes for second. “Maka! Another one is coming” Soul yells and then she snaps back into action hitting the first one down and then slashing the second one in half. One right after the other, they attack her and she blocks them, changing from defensive stance to attacking them as she fights.

Two more are near her, feeling trap she jumps to higher ground, where the guard would patrol the rooms from above. “They’re coming  up” Soul tells Maka. The first one to come up and she slices through their head. Three more come up, surrounding them. She kick one away trying to create distance, but one grabs her leg growling as he digs his nails into her skins. She cries out in pain as it brings back unpleasant memories. “Maka!” Soul cries out concern for his mister. The criminal throws her across the room as she accidentally let’s go of Soul. “Maka, fight!” he yells as she balances herself to land on her feet. Still on the second floor she looks around trying to locate her partner. “Soul!” She yells hoping he wasn’t hurt as she runs to get him back. Soul changes back to his human form, his arm in the shape of a death scythe as he tries to fend them off.

She runs to him, the faster she gets to him, the better their chances of fighting. one of the inmates jump in front of her, blocking her path. They get locked in combat until Maka is able to kick him off  over the rail to the first floor. She needed to get to Soul, she couldn’t fight them all off without him, and he couldn’t use all his power when he was just using his arm as the blade. The creature growls as he falls reaching out for something to hold on to. He grabs Maka legs dragging her down under the rail.

Maka reaches out for the metals bars hoping to cling on and kick him off. His nails scratching into her legs she cries out in pain again, biting her lips to ignore it. The pain itself didn’t hurt as much, what made her shake was the memories of her black room, the dead woman favorite thing to do was shred Maka’s skin.  

An alarm goes off, warning that the inmates from the rest of the cages have left their cells and are rioting. Looking up she notices Soul starting to lose the fight with the never-ending creatures.”Shit” She cries out weakly “Shit, Shit, Shit”. She tightened her grip on the bar focusing on her problem, hoping Soul could do the same.

“You need help” She heard the woman’s voice in her head. “no “ She shakes her head refusing to lose control. “Soul will die!” The dead woman screams at her, “You will die! Let me take over” She yells trying to convince Maka about her situation. Tears of fear and pain now appear in the corner of Maka eyes. Looking down she see the women looking up at her laughing like a maniac. “Choose me or die!” she laughs as it was the best joke ever told. A black hole opening up underneath her and it swallows the floor. The creature still latch onto her legs gripping for his life.She closed her eyes trying to stay calm, the ground is not caving in under her, it’s just the black blood fucking with her head. Slowing her breathing she opens her eyes and it wasn’t there anymore but the dead women was. Smiling impress that Maka could make part of it go away.

Soul finally manages to kick them off “Soul” Maka cries out giving into her helplessness. But he could only concentrate on not getting rip to shreds. As more come rushing into the room.  There were more than Maka have counted for,  all over the prison.  “Maka!” He yells still in mid battle “Just hold on!” slashing away at the monster. “If you won’t let me take over, you are going to die” She sings again. Maka felt scared, she doesn’t know why, she has been in worse situation. She pulls her legs up trying to shake off the creature.  “Let me in! Let me in!” The woman yells now running out of patience, bringing more tears to Maka eyes she gives in not being able to take it anymore, her panic consumes her as the dead woman’s voice was screaming in her head every word a pounding ache in her head. “Okay!” Maka yells in defeat, after all she didn’t want to die. In that second she felt a mixture of rage and fear consume her until she blacks out. Maka yells out as her soul waves come out of her body in the form of black electricity. The monster finally let’s go of her legs after being shock, falling to his death.


Black Star enters the room clearing out the floor, throwing shuriken against the last two monsters around Soul. “Get Maka!” Soul yells wasting no time as he jumps over the rails and down the stairs, just as her fingers finally let go of the railing, he knew something was wrong. Maka’s body falls her hair covering her face, Black Star makes it there faster catching her in mid-air, right before she hit the ground. “Is she okay?” Soul yells running up to Black star to taking her into his arms. “A bit batter up, just unconscious” Blackstar mutters passing her to Soul. As much as a goof ball Black Star was, when it came to the missions he was very serious, distant and always concentrated.  “Soul take her home, we’ll finish up here” Tsubaki says as Black Star grabs her in her weapon form walking away from them. Looking down Soul notices she has a slight bruise on the right side of her cheek and her legs were a bloody mess of scratch up flesh. What is Black Stars idea of okay!? “Oh fuck”  he mumbles to himself concern on taking her home as fast as possible.


He finally had her in bed, her legs had stop bleeding with the help of the black blood.  Even when she is in full control of herself the black blood always laid at rest in her body. It would come out to protect her if she was really in trouble. Soul guessed the situation was worse than he had seen,  since the black blood was more present than he had assumed.  He had a couple of minor scratches he attended to before stepping to the shower. He was concern that the black blood wasn’t only there because she needed help, she has been acting weird recently. If that was so it meant that it didn’t wake up and rushed to her aid,it was already awake. He would hope she would tell him, but at the same time he figured she probably wouldn’t.

She hated being weak or undermined. Stepping out of the shower a towel wrap around his waist, he walks back into their room. Noticing she wasn’t on the bed, he called her name.  “Maka?” he says heading downstairs not being able to find her, he runs back to their room.

“Damn it” he curses rushing into a change of clothes, and heading out the door to look for her.

Soul searches for her anywhere she normally spend her time, that wasn’t closed at this late hour.  As the time passed on and he couldn’t locate her,  he began to worry.  Finally after an hour and a half of searching he picked up his phone to call Kid.  


Kid: “Hey what’s up”

Soul: “Hey man, listen I need to talk to you about Maka.” He says still unsure if he should voice his concern.  

Kid: “….. it’s back isn’t it.”

Soul: “Yeah I think it is, she might be trying to fight it on her own, and now I can’t seem to find her.  Can you help me out?”

Kid: “No problem, I’ll let the others know.”

Soul: “No, not yet they will treat her differently and it brings about negativity.”  

Kid: “Alright I’ll help you look” he says hanging up.  

Soul puts his phone away looking into the nightlife of his city. Sighing he start to walk again hoping he can help her before she gets seriously hurt.


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