“And the winner is Sanji Vinsmoke” The announcer screams in the mic. Sanij lands on his feets, breathing heavily. The fights were nothing at first but as the time progressed, he became more tired out. Walking off the stage he lit a cigarette on as he goes to sit down by his friends. “Next up is Rononoa Zoro!” he yells into the mic again. “Sanji, do you need water? Chopper asks him as he check him out for any serious damage.

“I’m fine” he comments exhaling the smoke. “Moss head and Luffy are going to be in the final battle” He says watching his friend fight. The battle is over within seconds, and like him Zoro leaves the stage more tired after every battle. Luffy on the other hand has been taking his sweet time, almost mocking everyone he fought with. No one has been able to cause him to draw a sweat yet.

Finally the last round and they got the proctor to allow all three of them to fight it out. “This is bull” Sanji comments as he throws multiple kicks towards luffy, who doesn’t even move out the way. He knew his captain has become stronger as they years grew on but their strength was never tested against each other.

Zoro tries to hit Luffy to and is able to draw a bit of blood with his swords. Turning around Luffy dodges them both jumping into the air. Both were now very tired but Zoro seemed more persistent in his attacks. Coming back down Luffy moves at incredible speed and all Sanji feels is something pushing him off the stage. He lands on his butt, blinking in surprise he gets up to see Luffy with one finally kick, throws Zoro off the stage too.

“And the winner is Monkey D. Luffy”  The announce yells, as Luffy smiles towards the crowd. Grumbling Sanji gets up to stand in third place with Zoro in second and Luffy in first.

“You cheated” Sanji yells at Luffy as he smoke his cigarette. “We can do the challenge again if it would make you feel better” Luffy teased. He knew the only reason he won was because he was a rubber man. So the outcome wouldn’t change. “Don’t be a sore loser” Zoro grumbles. He came in second for the fighting contest because he trained hard. But it was unfair considering that Luffy can’t feel pain by physical hits.  No longer kids, luffy had become more mature in his way of thinking, and would outwit them. They were still the best of friends even if they didn’t always get along.



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