A mother’s love is unlike any other. Android 18 was no exception to that. She cared and loved her daughter like no other being could. That’s why  she needs to save her.  Goku and vegeta far from earth, training. Everyone else including her husband was going on with their daily lifestyle. Which meant there was no one she could contact which such a short amount of time.

Her house was in ruins, obviously her daughter had put up a fight. She might not be a saiyan, but Android 18 and Krillin have taught her self-defense at the very least. Either way it was stupid of her to leave her daughter alone for a quick run to nearby store. Never again.

She ran outside the house trying to focus on her 6-year-old daughter energy level. Within seconds she found her. Lifting up she flies in her daughter’s direction. Whoever took her, she would show no mercy.

Within minutes she was face to face with the attackers. They didn’t seem surprised to see her coming from the sky. Did they know something about her? “Where is my daughter?” She demanded. “Mommy!!!” She heard her yelling. Look up above her on higher ground her daughter was lock in a cage, two of them standing guard. They were covered in black and blue bruises, probably from putting their hands on her.

“Let her go at once!” she yells at them to release her daughter. They didn’t seem to budge, more of them appearing around her. An ambush? She thought to herself. Pulling their hands out they all began to create an energy ball throwing them in her direction. Caught by surprise she jumps away from the blast.

“I won’t say it again!” She warns them as she takes on a defensive stand. Ignoring her warning they start to attack again. She begins to fight back but their numbers are more than she can take. Avoiding their blast and fighting back became weary and soon she ends up being hit a number of time. Some of them fighting dirty and even began to throw huge crates of rock at her.

“Mommy!” her daughter yells out again in concern. Her voice in stress caused Android 18 great pain, in anger she rise out of the rubble, her clothes all torn and a couple of scrapes. That’s it she wasn’t going to let this go on a min longer. She had to save her daughter.

Yelling out in anger, she advances towards the ones near her daughter. Kicking, punching and throwing them around. She wasn’t holding back anymore, obviously they weren’t frail humans, so she didn’t need to worry about killing them. Throwing them around she charge towards more of them throwing them all into a pile as they fall unconscious.

Getting to the cage her daughter was in, she rips open the door. “Did they hurt you?” she questions as her daughter runs into her arms crying. To her relief, there wasn’t a single scratch on her, she was just scared. “Come on baby” she comforts her daughter. Picking her phone up she calls Krillin, now that her daughter was safe, she could focus on others things.

“I need you to come here” She says telling him her coordinates. Within minutes he is soaring through the sky nervous for his daughter and wife. Once there, Android 18 explains what happens and point to them, asking her husband to get information out of them.

A quick kiss to his daughter and wife, he turns around gathering them up. A demonic rage coming out of his as he ties them down and calls Yamcha to get there too. More concern for his daughter, he sends Android 18 back home to rest and keep their daughter safe. This might be to gruesome for the child to see.


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