The aroma of the food was flooding the kitchen. The food was almost done, I just had to let it sit for a few more minutes. My cellphone started ringing. Again? No doubt it was work, most likely asking me to cover someone shifts. I could just ignore it, but it wouldn’t stop them from trying to contact me.


“Dom, hey man I was calling to see if you could cover a shift tomorrow. Tammy quit a few hours ago and we need someone-” My boss says already trying to get some sort of sympathy out of me. Wasn’t my fault he hired the girl for her looks, her behavior screamed undependable.

“Yeah yeah” I say lifting the top off the pot with one hand. The stew was about done. “I don’t know, I am very busy” I lie, turning the stove off. “But if you really need me, sure I’ll push some stuff around?” I say acting as if I actually had things to attend to. “Greatly appreciate it, thanks”  he says and hangs up. Sighing I grab a plate from the counter filling it up with food. “It’s a good thing I actually like my job.

Someone starts ringing my doorbell, “now what?” I mumble to myself wondering who it could be.  Opening the door I see a girl with blond hair and hazel eyes. Her figure was slim, and she had a bruise on the left side of her cheek, along with a gash on the right side of her forehead.

“Dom” She yells throwing her arms around me. Quickly I pull her off unsure of who she was. Her eyes were big and full of life, her smile sincere.  “Cammie?” I say slowly wondering if it was actually her.

She looked back at me with confusion “What?” she questions “you look like you have seen a ghost” she comments smiling. She tries to hug me again, but I pull her away. “What are you doing here?” I ask her trying to understand what is going. “Stop messing around with me, I live here” she states making her way to my room. Shock I let her walk into my apartment. “Dom! Where is my stuff?!” she yells in a panic running out of my room. “Cammie, you don’t live here, you moved out two years ago” I explain as I step closer to her.

Confused she rubs her temple making her way to the couch. “Are you okay?” I ask her sitting down next to her. “What do you mean two years ago?” She asks looking scared. “We broke up two years ago” I say slowly unsure of how she was going to react. “And you moved out”

“I was in an accident” she says softly. Well that explains her bang up face. “You didn’t go to the hospital?” I ask her a bit alarm. “I was just released, they ask me a couple of questions after I woke up, I stated everything the needs, so they released me and I took a cab here.” She explains.

“Cammie, what was the last thing you remember?” I ask still unsure of what she was doing here. “I was coming home from work, that where I got into the accident” She explains, but before that you and me were going to have dinner out” she says. Shit I think to myself that she might have amnesia.

“You know what day it is right?” I ask. “Of course I know, I’m not a moron, they already ask me all of this at the hospital.” she says laying back into the couch. “They said I hit my head and wanted to monitor me, but I was perfectly fine and passed all the test with flying colors, so it was safe for me leave, just had to take it easy was all.”

“Cammie, we haven’t spoken or anything since we broke up” I tell her. “Do you have a friend’s number or anything” I ask her getting up to get my phone from the counter. “I don’t have my phone, it was broken in the crash” She explains getting up to follow me around. “What are you cooking?” She questions looking over the stove. “Cammie, Seriously a way to contact someone, you need help” I tell her.

“Why can’t you help me” she pouts “Because I don’t know anything about you” I explain annoyed, only for her to cringe at my words. “Unfair to say when we have been going out for eight years” she puffs her lip out pouting. “What?” I say in disbelief “No, we went out for 6 years” I tell her, but her eyes are watering now.

“Well you’re still a dick” She mutters sitting back down, she grabs a sofa pillow burying her face into it. “Cammie, come on” I say trying to ease her out of it. “This is serious, you have two years of your life missing, I think we need to take you back to the hospital at least” I try reasoning.

“If that’s true then I don’t know anything about it, all I know is that you are my boyfriend” She says softly still crying. Well I was her boyfriend, but I don’t think now is the right time to be technical with her. “Come on, we need to know if this could be dangerous for your health, get you scanned again.” I say more softly.

Her stomach growls loudly in response. “Hungry?” I ask her. Her face still in the pillow, but I notice her ears are slightly pink, she is blushing in embarrassment. “Come on I will get you a plate of food” I say trying to pull the pillow away. This time she let’s go and lets me lead her into the kitchen. Sitting her down, I get an extra plate of food placing it in front of her.

“Eat some” I tell her sitting down next to her with my plate. Grabbing a fork she take a deep breath looking at me. “Dom?” She says softly. Looking up from my plate I raise an eyebrow as her. “You’re not my boyfriend?” She asks carefully as if scared to know what the answer is. “No, I’m not” I respond back with the same gentleness. It’s clear now that she doesn’t know who she became after she left. I saw her playing with the food, a habit of hers to keep herself distracted. “Can you help me?” She ask trying to keep her voice from breaking.

Obviously she is scared, and if she doesn’t have any memories from after us, it means she doesn’t really have anyone else. Cammie was an orphan since the age 15 and finally got out of the foster system, when she applied for a dorm college. We met in culinary school, and then we started going out. She looked a bit different but Cammie is Cammie and as strange as it felt to sit here with my old ex, I couldn’t exactly kick her out.

“Yeah, I’ll try” I tell her nodding my head before going back to my food. She smiles a little happy with my answer. “Do you at least remember your past?” I ask her. Her face once again read confused. “Ummm…. A little, It’s all a little blurry.” She confesses worried. Great, this might be harder than I thought. “It will come back” I tell her, or myself at this point. “You can have my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch” I tell her as she nods in agreement. “Go to the hospital tomorrow” I tell her, my voice more stern to which she happily nods again. Satisfied with the situation she begins to dig into the food.