I was always called childish for being scared of horror movies. Told that it didn’t make sense for me to be okay with watching movies with serial killers but not with demons or spirits. But there was always a reason for it.

Not many believed, heck I could get called stupid, childish, or crazy for speaking of it out loud. People don’t know, and would refuse to acknowledge that demons, ghost and spirits do exist.

There was a reason these “myths” have some kind of background story, clearly not all of it was just fable to scare a child.

I know because they like to mess around with me. Taunting me with their voices. An insanity unlike anything from the movies. It is worse than the fear you feel when you watch a horror movie.

With that in mind you would think that movies shouldn’t bother me at all if I know what the real thing feels like. But that’s not how it works, at least not with me. The second I see a room darken, my body tense and I hold my breath as I try not to freak out.

My worse experience started out actually very sweet. I was watching a show with my younger sister. I wasn’t always the best role model with those things in the back of my mind. She was laying down next to me on couch watching a show. Looking up she points to my necklace, asking what it was. I grab the ruby-red crystal tied around my neck by a golden lace.

I explained it was to remind me that there are good things in the world. That I had to keep the good thing in mind, the bad things can’t get to me when they try. Grabbing the crystal I held it firmly in my hand reminding myself of good things.

Looking up I saw her smiling as she got up from the couch. “How are you sure it will work” she questions before lunging at the necklace trying to yank it off.

I begin wrestling her trying to pry her off and keep the necklace away from her. I kept telling her to stop. When she finally pulled away I no longer had it on me. She begins to tell me of a girl that she was friends with. How this girl wasn’t like everyone else. I told her to stop, but she only spoke louder yelling at me at her this girl was rejected by her family which feared her. I covered my ears hoping to ignore the words but images soon flooded my mind. A kitchen setting where the girl was eating cereal and upon dropping her spoon she threw her arm behind in an unnatural way. Throwing herself to the floor she began to laugh hysterically. Her body bends out of shape, her knees bending inwards dragging her body across the floor with her tippy toes.

My body is frozen with fear. I try to back away, run from everything, shaking my head hoping to remove the pictures that flood my mind. Gasping for air that feels out of my grasp.

But I can’t and I don’t. My chest heaving, as my mind becomes a fuzzy mess, similar to the static of a damage television. I am back in my bed and not really sure how. I begin to hope it’s a dream, but my blankets feel soft and warm convincing me it’s real. As she is crawling on top of me, her skin cold and her fingers going up and down my legs leaving a cold and heart sinking feeling behind. Desperation sinks in as I feel my mood being darken.

My mind starts to fade to black as I scream for her to stop. But my screams are barely a throaty whisper as I call for help. For someone to be aware that I’m in trouble and I need help. But no one comes and I know I have to save myself.

Forcing myself up I push her away screaming and it’s finally a little bit louder. My body responds, moving as I try to push her off and I feel a slight second of hope. I can do this and I know I can. I just have to scream louder, be stronger and not let the hopelessness of the situation win.

 But I am shoved down again but an unknown force. her mouth biting my hands shooting pain through my arms as I cry out in fear. My mind goes blank and then all is calm as I feel my mind going 
I wake up and I am in bed alone. I have no sister. I have no house.

I am in my cell. Breathing heavily, I try to calm down. But my hands are tied down by the jacket. I start screaming as the shadows start to move, making their way towards me. The nurse comes in and hushes me as they inject a sedative. I don’t wanna go back, but I am taken there by force and I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this.