The demons were making it more complicated. Taking them down, that wasn’t the hard part. It was knowing that his friends might get hurt as collateral damage. Most of them could be able to take it, but Elizabeth was among them, and they were too preoccupied to keep themselves away from harm and her.

They weren’t regular demons either, they were the ones just a class or two below him. Dozing off was a mistake, a hit from behind sends him flying. “Diane, get Elizabeth out of here!” He yells at her. Looking up she makes eye contact with Meliodas. They were both covered in scratches and bruises.  Nodding she grabs Elizabeth, who squeals in response.

“What about everyone else?!” she questions as Diane starts to retreat. King notices how exposed to the fight Diane is with her back turned and shoots up next to her, providing her a wall of protection. Good  he thought, glad that King and Diane behaved like he expected. Meliodas kept an eye out for how far they were before closing his eyes and taking a breath, summing his power. 

There was no other option. He hated being pushed into this corner. Hated being forced to activate his demonic power. And worse he hated when she had to witness him become this way.  Will she be able to see him the same way.

Will she still look at him with hope in her eyes. In the moment it didn’t matter. He had to keep her and his friends safe. And if it meant losing their trust, then so be it. As long as they were safe in the end. 


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