Eren was still laying down unconscious on the bed. Mikasa has been sitting down next to him for three hours now monitoring him just incase of anything. He could be such an idiot sometimes, always charging head first into situation without thinking it through. That why she had to stay by his side, be there for him the way he has always been there for her.

She wished she could be a bit more like him, always so hopeful, even in the face of death he refuses to give up. Or when the whole human race thought he was a monster he tried to convince them otherwise acted like some kind of hero.

Most of his bruises and wounds have closed up or completely heal, but she worried that one day the regeneration wouldn’t work and that she would actually lose him. Sitting next to him now she pushes back some of his hair away from his face. The only time he was ever calm was when he was sleeping.

She strokes his cheek wishing things weren’t this way. Recently she has found herself more fond of him. Not like when they were kids and she always followed him.She was finally starting to see him for the man he was becoming.  “Mikasa?” he mumbles stirring awake.

Dozing off she didn’t notice she had kept her hand on his face. Sitting up he makes eye contact with her, wrapping his hand around hers as he leans into it. He takes a deep breath closing his eyes as he recalls the recent events. Out on the field he got careless, and she jump in without hesitation to back him. She ended up breaking, and dislocating her wrist in a bad turn of events

“Are you okay?” he asks her softly, and she knew he was concerned about her wrist. A minor injury compared to his, which were now mostly gone. “I’m okay, it will heal” she tells him. He looks at her again causing her heart to beat louder. Her breath becomes shallow as he watches her lick her lips. Did he feel the same way she thought to herself? “Good” he smiles bringing himself close as if he was about to kiss her.  

Instead he picks her up sitting her on the table near by. He looks like he is ready to embrace her pulling her hand back to his face. but doesn’t proceed in doing anything else. “Eren are you okay?” she asks her voice betraying  her as it shakes. “Just happy you are alright” he comments sighing before turning away from her. “Mikasa, we all know how good you are out on the field, but you can’t think you are invincible” he says the stress in his voice clearly visible.

“What?” she cries out in disbelief, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black! She thought to herself. Mikasa crosses her arms ignoring the pain that shoots through her. “The sames goes for you” she tells him. “you’re a titan and you can regenerate, but you shouldn’t always count on it”

He only smiles in response, “I’ll be fine, you shouldn’t worry about me” he tells her. But that only got her more upset. “fine the same goes for you, I can take care of myself” she says trying to get up and leave. Grabbing her good wrist he pulls her back. “it my job to protect you” he says softly stroking her cheek. She freezes at the contact. “no one asks you too” she replies. But he only pulls her closer this time actually kissing her. It caught her by surprise ending as quickly as it started. “no one needs to. I will always protect you” he says and it reminder her of how strong he was for her when her parents died. She knew he would, she would do the same for him. 


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