Holding her hand by his back just in case he fell Hinata looked at her little boy. A strong and determined look on his face as he took wobbly steps all by himself. She wished Naruto could see him. He was so much like his father in character and it made her beam with pride of how her son was already turning out. But there was someone else she also wished that could see this. Her cousin Neji. If could have only have survived the war he would be able to see his nephew. Memories of  him brought tears to her face which she quickly wiped off. Looking back at her, and then glancing to her side, Boruto smiled before turning back to take another step. He tipped to the side losing balance. Rushing her hand to grab him, she stop short when she saw his hand go straight up into the air as he regain his balanced and took another step, his hand closed into a fist as if clutching onto someone. She didn’t know what to make out of it and only thought of her cousin. Maybe… Just maybe he was watching her, and her baby.

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