This was it. They have been planning for months on how to do this. If everything went according to plan they would soon be on sitting on a beach relaxing on some tropical island.  Looking up she makes eye contact with the love of her life. Addis; he has protector her, cared for her, and has given her a purpose in her pathetic life.

“Gina, are you ready?” he questions handing her a gun. Taking it, she takes a deep breath calming her nerves. “Yeah, let’s do this” she says getting out of the car, pulling her mask over her face. They have done this quite a few times but this time, they were robbing everything they could get their hands on. She worried they were biting more than they can chew on this mission, but she confide in her lover.

Breaking in wasn’t hard at all. It was a small team of four people including Davis her younger brother, and they were able to maneuver their way through the diamond store. “Take what you can, but ignore the ones in thick glass, touch them and the police will be on our ass faster than you can draw your gun” he warns the other two. Nodding they grab what they can letting us know when they were ready to leave.

Everything would have been perfect, but on their way out they hear someone shouting. “Stop!” he yelled and they knew it was a guard.

“Run!” Addis screams grabbing her by the wrist as they make their way down the hall to turn the corner. Gina looks back noticing her brothers friend had stop in fear, actually listening to the guard. Davis worried for his friend shoved him hoping it would get him running. The guard drew out his gun shooting randomly their way. Her brother and friend now running, she slowed down worried for them. They were so close to their car they just needed to make it outside.

Still looking back as she runs, she sees her brothers friend stop running as he collapsed onto the floor. Coming to a full stop, stunned, she looks at her brother who makes eye contact with her after watching their friend fall. She wanted to yell at him to hurry up, but nothing came out. Looking down blood was pooling around his chest as he falls to his knees.

“Davis!” she screams running towards him only to feel herself being lifted off her feet. Tears flood her eyes and she screams in pain not sure if she was hallucinating what she just saw. She had to go check. But she couldn’t get back to her brother, no matter how hard she fought, the force that was pulling her brought her around the corner and away from the bullets. Her brother’s body laid on the floor as another guard appeared.

“Gina! Stop! We have to go!” she heard someone yelling at her, holding her against the wall as she broke out into a crying mess. She felt his hand placed flat across her chest and she snaps back into reality. “I’m not letting you get hurt” he tells her making eye contact with her and she nods understanding what he meant. The main reason they decided to do one more heist was to make sure they had enough money to start something new, somewhere far. Some kind of happily ever after.

Forcing herself to stop crying she nods again as they run to their car. Sirens already being heard in a distance. “Baby I am scared” she admitted as she held herself trying to shake off the shock. “Don’t give up on me just yet” he says trying to bring her comfort as he focuses on the car, bring it out of parking and flying through the road.

Her brother now laid in that damn store and she felt the tears return knowing her life would no longer have him in it. She hated this lifestyle so much, Addis knew that which is why he really hoped this was the last time they ever had to do this. They had lost half the amount of jewelry back there but they still had plenty they could make big money with.

Her pain turn to rage as she look in the mirror, seeing the cars now catching up with theirs. “They are gaining on us” Addis mutters to himself, increasing the speed as he focuses on the road. “Not yet!” Gina yells pulling a gun out she rolls out the window. Her bullets hit the car without making much damage as the cops stay right on their tail. Defeated she falls back into the car as Addis start making sharper turn off the road.

“Where are we going!” she screams as they make another turn in hopes of losing the cars. “Throw these out the window” he says calmly, eye still on the road.

She felt something heavy drop on her legs that look similar to three lighters but a lot bigger. “Where did you get bombs from!” she screams at him again. “Just listen for once!” he argues back “Throw them out three seconds apart.”

“If we died or end on jail, I am kicking your ass” she complains pulling the pin before throwing it out as instructed. She heard a loud thud and turn to see a lot of smoke covering their car.

Addis made another turn at a fork road and lost their tail, but didn’t slow down even when the noise of the sirens died down. Finally smiling to himself he look at her. “We almost lost our chance if you didn’t listen to me” he laughs letting his tension out. As contagious as it was, she couldn’t bring herself to laugh. They could finally start a new life but just them. Everyone else was gone now.