Maka wasn’t to sure where she was,  she had been wanderings around aimlessly for a good while. She was supposed to be at the prison, so how did she end up here in the city?  Her legs had a dull ache in them whenever she step forward.  Looking up she notice the street lights around her were dim, as she carried herself to a public area.  

Standing in the middle of a park she begins to sway feeling unbalanced. “Maaaakaaa” the women coos at her from the back of her mind.  Maka snap back into her senses, shaking her head as if trying to shake the voice off. “Maka, let’s play a little” she giggle as it sounded more like an evil chuckle. Grabbing her head as if she had a really bad headache she shake it again.  “no” she mumbles as her mind flashes to an ice cold drink with the hope of drinking her away.  “You can’t keep this up forever” she growls trying to take control of Maka’s body.  Now that Maka has given her that permission once, it going to be a lot harder to win this battle. She felt herself slipping to the sideline of her body,  losing control. Panic set in, she falls to her knees trying to breathe and stay focus.  

“Are you okay?” she feel someone grab her shoulder and knew it was him.  He pretends to be nice, but then he would do even worst things to her. “LEAVE ME ALONE” she yells locking eyes with a random girl at the park. The girl jumps away frighten, but Maka is no longer in control as she feels her body get off the floor. Her mouth open as she giggles her voice not her own.  “I’ll kill you just for fun” the dead women says now in control of Maka’s body.  

Pouncing on the girl she brings a knife out of her boot.  The girl screams as everyone in the area turning their attention to them. Some run away screaming something about a weapon, while others stand there to shock or scared to move.  

Laughing like a maniac Maka brings the knife up as the girl squirmed underneath her. But the dead woman has her pin down, one hand holding both of the poor girl’s hands above her, the other hand with a blade at her throat.  “LET HER GO” Maka yells mentally gaining control of her body as she pulls her hand away from the girl, then willing her body to drop the knife.  

Finally gaining back control of her body she jumps off the girl as if she had been electrocuted. “I’m sorry” Maka mumbles still on the floor trying to regain full control of herself. The girl didn’t take a second glance, grabbing her bag she runs for her life sobbing and shook up. Maka felt tired, grabbing the knife off the floor as she stick it back into it place in her boot. Looking around her, the park was full of happy people just second ago, now empty because of her.

“If you won’t share with me, listen”.

Maka shudders listening to the coldness of her voice. She shakes her head weakly refusing to let her win, if she loses controls of her own body the others will come out to “play”, she couldn’t go through that again. “Just listen I have a fun idea”  The dead woman exclaims full of joy, Maka smiles a little unable to contain the giddy feeling that the dead woman made her feel. Nodding her head she gets up and begins to stumble away into the night.


Soul, had look at every single place that Maka could possibly be. He would have to bring this up to Lord Death if he doesn’t find her soon. Entering back into the house he takes off his shoes and jacket at the entrance. It was past two in the morning, Kid would keep looking, so that was a bit of a relief for him.

Entering his room he turns his lamp on and spots Maka on their bed, wrap in the covers. Concern and happy to see her, he runs to her side of the bed, taking the covers off her body. She whines in protest as her hands clumsy reach for the blanket again. “Maka!” Soul yells grabbing her by the shoulders to wake her up. She opens her eyes still sleepy. “Hi” she mumbled smiling up at him. “Maka, where were you?!” he yells inspecting her arms and legs for any new marks. To his surprise the flesh on her legs look almost healed, the skin look more yellow and green. As if she just had a bad fall instead of being gored to death. The black blood was in control, but he wanted her to tell him, she had to, otherwise she will refuse any help he would tried to give her.

“Soul, what’s wrong?” Maka mumbles in her arms slowly waking up. She catches him staring at her legs. Does he know she thinks to herself. “Maka, where were you?” he questions again. “I went for a stroll” she says calmly. “You just got up and left?” Soul questions her not believing her. “Yeah, I needed a good walk” She says smiling at him, trying to reassure him that all was fine. Tucking her hair behind her ear, Soul spots a brand new earring on the top of her earlobe. “What’s this?” he questions reaching out to touch her ear, which was slightly red.

She flinched, pulling his hand away. “I thought it would be cute, you don’t like it?” she asks, her bottom lip slightly puff out in a pout. Soul stares at her, Maka was always against getting crazy piercing. This wasn’t like her. He averted his eyes from her, only to land on her hair, the bottom tips of her hair have been dyed red. “And did you think this was cute too?” he questions annoyed, holding the tips of her hair between his fingers.

Maka saw the disapproval in his eyes and lowers her head in disappointment “You can do what you want, you don’t need approval”  the dead woman whispers in her mind. Maka shudders again hearing her voice, she was sure the few shots she had before getting home would get rid of her. “Are you cold?” Soul asks her trying to get something out of her, rubbing his hands up and down her arms to warm her up. When she didn’t respond Soul decided to take it slowly, whatever happen to her tonight really bothered her. “Come on, it’s late and we need to sleep” he says pushing her back into bed and pulling the covers back on her.

Getting onto his side of the bed he turns out the light, only to have Maka wrap her arms around him as she smuggles closer to him. Wrapping his arms around her body they fall asleep. Soul knew she was trying to keep the black blood away, so far she has been doing a good job, since he has been very oblivious to it’s presence in their fights. Soul hope’s that it only meant that it wasn’t serious and that she could actually keep it at bay.


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