Chapter One


Mom said just a month, that is all I have to do survive here just a month and then I can go back to my beautiful mansion. I take a step out of my jet and wait for someone to grab my luggage. I see a beat up old truck making it’s way towards me. The heatwaves causing me to squint I see someone getting out and approach me.

They smelled like dirt and sweat as they yell my name out. Coming closer he reaches out to hug me, grabbing me roughly. I pull away, yelling in shock that he would dare to come so close to me. Shoving him away I stand my ground as I tried to remember anything my dad taught me about self-defense. When nothing comes to mind I panic “security!” I yell before he grabs me by the shoulder, causing me to scream again.

“What are you doing? You don’t know who I am?” He questions. I look at him up and down his slightly dark skin color and broad muscles . “Ummmm…..” I was personally thinking a crazy person, now …. Maybe one of the airports workers, but they wouldn’t touch me. I pull my sunglasses off “No” I say as I step back. I am your uncle Leo” he said shock that I didn’t know. “Oh” I say disappointed. “Who is gonna carry my stuff?” He looks down and frowns at me before picking it up and drags it to the truck. “Wait I have more in my jet!” I yell at him.

“Why do you need so many?” he questions me as he throws my last one in the back of the pick up trunk. “You’re mom said you were only staying for a month” he comments. “This IS only for a month” I told him, as I look at only six of my luggage. I hop into the vehicle only to be blasted by hot air, taking out a fan I had in my back pocket I begin to fan myself. “can you turn on the a.c?” I ask him. He turns it on but it only blows hot air at me. Annoyed I turn it off and open the window hoping some of the cold air would help me cool down.  

I know I am not going to get the same service as I did at my house but how bad can it be? “Where am I going to live?” I ask him as we start hitting more dirt roads. “We live on top of that mountain right there” He points at a whole skyline of mountains none too high but definitely a 20 min car ride.

As soon as we get out the car a woman in a worn out dress runs to hug my uncle, I am guessing she is my aunt. “Hi, my name is Rosa, you must be Marilyn daughter” she shakes my hands “Yeah, my name is Caroline” I say trying to best to be respectful. Taking a look at the house behind her and see a chicken fall off a gate by the door. “What part of the house is this? Is it like the kitchen or something?” I ask. She looks at me confused as if I just ask her could she fly. “No, honey this IS the house” she explains before nodding her head as if something finally made sense. “Caroline honey, why don’t you grab your stuff and come inside, I will show you around.

Looking at the small two-story house I look around to find maybe a good 50 feet is the next house. “Shouldn’t your butlers do that for you, how many do you have? are they busy”? I ask her. Leo grabs my things and starts to walk inside the house. “She isn’t going to last a week here” he muttered as Rosa tries to smile at me. “Did I do something wrong??


THIS IS INSANE. I have been crying on my bed for an hour now. How could she do this to me. Their floor is half made of cement. This bed is harder than a rock and there is no way my clothes can fit into one closet and one wardrobe. I can smell the chicken coop through my window and they don’t have running hot water. The toilet is outside. Why is the toilet outside!? At least the bath was inside the house. “Honey” my aunt knock on my door, can I come in now?” I felt like crying again, her voice only made this nightmare much real. I know I couldn’t stay inside forever. “Yes” I said softly as I wipe my tears, trying to regain my composure.

“Did your mother explain anything to you about living with us?” she asks softly. “She told me that I was a spoiled brat that needed to learn my lesson, but I did nothing wrong to deserve this kind of punishment” I told her. she closed her eyes for second and took a deep breath. “Okay…. continue” she told me. why is she upset? look at the situation I am in. “She told me I had to learn to be grateful, that meant that I need to know how to make myself better, but I don’t know what she means by all of this” I say as calmly as I could, if I pissed her off she might take something away or tell my mom. “I think I understand.” she mumbles and then looks up at me. We have a lot of explaining to do. You want to go back home right?”

I nod, “So you are going to listen to everything we tell you, if you do that we might be able to convince your mom to get you to go home early, sounds like a deal?” she says. I pick my head up smiling for the first time since I got there. “Yes!” I yell out, First let’s unpack out the clothes that you are gonna need” she comments as she motions as all of my things.


An hour later am I am more depressed than before. This room is the same size as my walk in closet. I don’t have the slightest idea of how anything here works, it’s all caveman material, hello! does anyone know anything about the advancement of technology?! I look at my phone, my best friend Leslie has been texting me but I have been too upset to even look at my phone. At least I still get service here.

Leslie: Did you have a safe flight?

How is this new country?

I bet the guys are all cowboy cute =)

Oh she has no idea how much I hate it already. But maybe the guys are cute and with a little work on myself I can definitely make one my play toy.

Caroline: Flight went well, this place is hell, can’t wait to see you, we shall see soon how cute country boys are 😉

My aunt knocks on my door “The food is ready” she calls out. I take a deep breath, please let this night go by fast I whisper to myself as I put my phone down and walk into the kitchen.

I look down at my plate…. there must be something wrong here. “ummm what are we eating? “Chicken and rice” my uncle says as he shoves a spoonful of rice into his mouth. “Yeah…. but the bones are still there” I comment poking at it with my fork. “Just put it in your mouth and rip the meat off” he tells me annoyed. I feel hurt, and distress. “Like a savage?” I snap at him. he glares at me….. oh no I have to keep my mouth shut.

I feel the tears in my eyes again, at home the food is cooked to perfection and designed by our chief. this looks like is it still need half the prepping to be done. My aunt notices me panicking. She sighs and gets up and stands next to me. With her fork and knife she begins to cut the meat off and pulls the bone away. “There. Now thank the lord you get to eat for tonight” she says and sits down obviously tired. “Thank you lord” I mutter softly to please them. NOT! I take a bit of the food, it taste dull but my stomach growls and I eat most of the food. I hate my life so much right now.