The open field was beautiful with the sun setting across the horizon. A gentle breeze blowing my hair back. Biting my lip, I hesitate as I position myself to run. A few meters in front of me was the edge of the cliff and my goal for today. “Rexi, I hope you are ready!” I call out but no one replies. If I died, it will be your fault” I mumble and the run. Pushing as much strength as I can and muster into my legs once I jump off. Falling I can’t help but to scream still not use the feeling of free-falling.

“Rexi!” I scream out almost at once and my body falls hard against her. The breath knock right out of me. I groan in pain, clutching on the saddle as I pull myself into a proper sitting position. “That always looked cooler in the movies” I grumble as she starts to descend. “Where is Keon?” I ask her looking around for her brother. She descend faster without warning forcing me to grab the saddle with all my force.

As if trying to shake me off she starts to spin in circles. “Rexi what are you doing!” I cry out my grasp slipping as I fall off. Upside down she flips again and heads straight for the sky my hand finally letting go of one of the straps. “Rexi!” I scream out in panic looking at her flying into the clouds. Closing my eyes I don’t dare look down in fear of passing out in the middle of the sky. “Please tell me this is just another prank” I cry out covering my face with my hands.

I fall on something the breath knock out of me once again as I land on my back. Immediately the ride is smoother and I open my eyes once again mumbling in pain. That was definitely gonna be a bruise tomorrow. Looking up I see I’m no longer on Rexi, but on Keon. He was actually a lot sweeter than his sister. A low rumble shakes me and I know he is annoyed. Looking around I spot the source of his annoyance, Rexi cruising next to us. A glimmer of mischief in her eyes. “You stupid dragon” I call out annoyed with her. “You’re not getting treats if you pull pranks like that” I yell. She looks at her brothers back where I was sitting, coming closer before fuming smokes in my direction.

It could easily suffocate me, but she only blows out enough to make me cough, as if egging me on. Waving the smokes away I feel Keon body rumble underneath me as he growls at his sister.

“It’s fine Keon, let’s get back to the land” I tell him as I place myself correctly on the saddle wrapped around him. He descend is a lot slower easing me to his speed and we get closer to ground. Looking up I see his sister flying in circles around us, doing flips and zipping around. She doesn’t like slow flying which is why she is actually harder to fly on.

Once on the ground I use the straps that were wrapped around Keon body to keep my saddle steady as a way to climb down. “thank you!” I call out to him and I give his body a hard pat. Once I’m a few feet back he pulls his legs in laying down. Walking front of him I look at him observing his beauty.

To think the dragons would ever be real and within our world. At first people wanted to posses them. The first dragon made its appearance 20 years ago. Governments and countries believing they could use them in war. But dragons are the symbolism of loyalty. They only stick by the side of those they imprint on. So those people soon became targets. That’s where the dragons potential came into play. All could have different types of earth’s elements and they would use those abilities to protect their human if needed.

Now dragons are exotic creatures. So far none can be without a human partner and humans are chosen by the dragons at birth. No human can be chosen by a dragon if they have darkness in their mind. As for the rest of the information I am still taking a course that will help me understand all the rules that are implemented and that are still coming out when one is chosen by them. My courses are more intense because it’s rare for someone to have a dragon, much less to have two. They are hard work and our governments have created the dragon and dragon ride act (DDR) to keep things balance within our countries and out of them. It’s very difficult but a gift nonetheless.

Rexi and Keon were born out of the same egg, an egg that I thought was a toy until I felt the warmth. The size of a dictionary and would bang itself against anything if not within my presence. Both quite fragile but easily became stronger. I’ve only had them for two years now and they are just strong as other dragons now. With time their bodies have gotten tougher,their skin like leather, and can easily deflect natural obstacles. Each dragon taking strength within their element, Rexi element was Air which is why she harder to control when flying. While Keon was fire an element that could easily be disruptive, but his personality was different from other fire dragons. He was calm, watchful and warm unless provoked, to which his anger could easily burn down a forest.

Keon skin was a lot tougher than Rexi, like glittering charcoal that shimmer when touch by fire. Red eyes that have a stern look. Big nostrils that allow oxygen and gasses to pass through his body. Strong heavy wings that can help him guide a fire to how he desires. He stood at 14 ft tall and his body 18 feet wide. Still growing so who knew what size he would be. Brining his head down he move his nose to me nudging me for a hug. Placing my hands around his mouth I hug as much as I could, his head bigger than my toros.

The ground shakes slightly and I look behind me dropping my arms as Rexi stands tall her chest puff out. Her skin was a lot smoother than Keon. A light blue color that easily could blend with the sky night or day. Her eyes were white all around as if she were blind, but it only allowed her to see against the wind. Her wings very flexible allowing her fly at a faster speed to. She was the same size as her brother, only slender by her element. She brings her head down too nudging me to hug her as well. “Do you really deserve one?” I question her teasingly “You did drop me out of the sky”

Her only response was to blow a gust of hot air my way, making me stumble back. “Such a diva” I grumble pulling her closer to me as I hug her too. “Come on time to go home, we can’t be on the fields all day” I tell them. “It will take us three-hour to get home and I have school tomorrow” I explain to them as I circle around Keon pulling on the string of the saddle to pull myself up.

Once secured I pull out my phone in hopes that I could write the rest of my essay and submit it before tonight. texting my mother to let her know what time I should be home. Normally my sisters would like to take Keon or Rexi for a spin, but getting home late would mean they would have to drop me off go to the closest resting yard. It’s a good thing Florida has a lot of open space.