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Everything looks so perfect, however I knew it wasn’t.

Although everyone is laughing and spending time together, I knew there was something dark lurking. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, where no light touch it and she is quite, bringing this tension in the room. This tension and sadness that no one else can feel. A child  is trying to make his way there, no one notices him walking off. But I do and so does she. Her arms reach out as if ready to embrace him. I run to him.

She won’t do this again I won’t let her win again. He is just a few steps away and I throw myself down. She is watching him go down, ready to grab the first part of him that she can. I grab him yanking him away, but she has his legs, he screams. He is scared and I am hoping his screams are loud enough for everyone else to notice. I pull him away, grabbing him by his tiny waist in hopes she will let go. She is cracking up unable to stop laughing. I pull him away with one more yank. Soul is looking down at me from the bottom of the stairs, Why won’t he help me out? “Soul” I cry out weakly focusing on the child, trying to pull him up. Soul hesitate but he does help, grabbing the child as soon as he reaches the top of the stairs.

She growls, I have made her mad. I run up the stairs, but she grabs my leg pulling me down yelling like a banshee. She pulls my leg, her nails cutting through my pants and into my skin. I look up Soul is holding the child in his arms, a child with red eyes and blond hair. I shake my hands frantically, begging him to come help me. He doesn’t listen to me, still as a statue as if my cries were nothing.

She pulls again and I kick her trying to shake her off again and again, but she only grows more powerful. The kid comes closer to me out of Soul arms. She grabs him again and I focus on pulling her away from him. I kick her again and again until she lets go and the kid rushes up the stairs laughing. She has both my legs now and pulls me down. They are okay. My biggest concern is for them to be okay, she can’t hurt them.

She is mad. Her fingers crawl up to my throat. She squeezes and I can’t breathe I struggle away but I can’t do much. I am dying. She is doing this again. My body grows limp but I still see everything so clearly. Everyone has left and went back to the party. I am dead…. she has won again.


Maka wakes up gasping for air, that she could have sworn was being taking away from her. “Come on Maka wasn’t that fun?” She coos and Maka feel disgusted, the black blood was winning and she didn’t know how much more of a fight she could put up. Tired, she grabs a bottle of liquor she had hidden in her drawer and take a huge gulp out of it. Getting out of bed Make steps onto the balcony, looking off into the distance of death city. She had on a pair of shorts and a silk tank top that rosed up a little with the wind. Her hair let loose behind her with that red ugly dye. Combing her hair with her finger she looks at her hair, disgusted with the color. Taking a breath she tries to rid herself of the fear looking up into the night sky.

Maka was exhausted, sometimes she thinks about letting her win, at least then the torment would stop. Climbing onto the balcony, she sits on the thick ledge looking down as her legs dangled. From a distance she could hear loud party music being played. Something in her stirs, dark and unwelcoming. Meditate! She thinks and closes her eyes breathing in, trying to keep herself together. She listen to the music following the beat that played.

Still that feeling of desperation, a mixture of fear and adrenaline was working it’s way through her body, in the back of her mind she felt the temptation of wanting to let it have it’s way. Shaking her head as if by doing so she knew she was still fighting, she needed to drink more, if she kept on drinking she will be okay. Tilting her head back she take two gulps of the alcohol hoping to fight it off. Tears start to stream down her face, and she pulls the bottle away from her mouth, a sob escaping, gasping for air, clutching her chest in fear. She knew what was going to happen next. She didn’t want to see him, she didn’t want to go through it. Placing her head between her legs trying to breath she is leaning over the edge of the ledge.


Opening her eyes again, she in a huge dark brick room. Small torches have been placed high above her on the walls, allowing enough light to see everything around. She had on her clothes but she is chained to the floor by her arms.  Standing up she tugs on the chains only for the metal to bite into her wrist.  Maka didn’t care she didn’t want to be there,  struggling harder she pulls on it again and again until her skin starts to rub with the metal causing her to bleed.  She couldn’t get out, causing her to panic she starts breathing heavily.  Tears run down her face as she hears someone enters the room.  A soft hum echoing the room.  Turning around to face her fears she confronts him.  He didn’t have a face,  looking more like a mannequin with actual skin,  except his hands.  Like the dead woman they were claws.  He turn to face her making her feel small.  “how have you been Maka” he says to her his voice coming from everywhere in the room.  He walks to her slowly the skin aroun,d where his mouth would be stretches,  almost like a smile.  He made her feel small but she was tired of it she didn’t want to go through with it.  She wasn’t going to show him he was afraid.  


He approaches her caressing her face but she jerk away.  “it’s been so long,  you have grown” he chuckles walking around her in circles.  He grabs her shirt using his claws to tear through it.  Maka resisted “get off!” She yells swinging her leg fully around to kick him away. “you don’t get to do that” she yells again.  Was this it her time to rid herself of it all.  To control the black blood instead of it controlling her.  She puffed up her body hoping to gather some courage.  She wouldn’t let him see her cry, not this time.  “Oh Maka,  you poor child.” he cooed at her getting up unaffected by the kick. “I simply want to savior you” he laughs a low deep chuckle as he gets closer.  He grabs her jaw in one hand forcing her to look at his faceless head.  “Do that again and you will regret it” he growled digging his claws into her face, causing a bit of blood to fall from the puncture wounds.


It made her want to flinch but she glared at him condemning all her hate into that stare. “trying to be brave now,  I see” he says letting go of her face. He turns his back on her giving her a second to stand up right. Second later he turns around swinging his arm down slapping her with all his might, causing her to fall. Laughing amused “Let’s see how long that can last” He says crawling on top of her. “Get Off!” Maka yells brings her legs up to kick him away with all her force. He falls off of her ripping her shorts open with his claws in the process.  Now exposed she felt timid trying to cover her panties with the torn shorts. Her hands close around the torn material but it was useless they weren’t able to cover anything anymore.  Tears fell from her eyes, She was so tired of it all, she wanted it all to stop. Angried she takes a steady breath, trying to stay brave.

Looking up she sees him walking back up to her a metal bat in his hands.  He has transformed his claws back into hands.  “tsk tsk My dear Maka” he says sounding as if he was he was truly concern.  Raising his hands he hits her on the side causing her to immediately crumble.  Gasping for air after that blow, she tries not to cry out in pain.  “why” he says hitting her again this time she caught the pole with her hand but he yank it away to swing it again.  “Do. You. Do. This. To. me.” he says hitting her again and again per word.  Unable to hold it all in,  she cries out in pain first then screams,  begging for it to stop, as she felt the pain spread through her body.  


Her only heaven or moment away from torture was to think of Soul.  He loved her as much as she loved him.  He would be hurt if anything happen to her.  She so badly wanted him there. Her body cringing in pain covered in her blood.  Her black and horrible, cursed blood.  Looking up she sees him throwing away the now bloody bat away.  “play nice now” he groans throwing himself on top of her only for her to cry out in pain again. Ripping her shirt and panties off he causes her to flinch and fully bawl out in tears.  “good girl” he snickers the skin stretching out again where his face should be.  His hands traces the outline of her breast and she shrinks in shame,  unable to process what was going on.  She closes her eyes in fear as he pick her up from behind in a sit up position.  Unable to move more she screams out loud in panic hoping he would let go.  Digging her nails into him. she scratches his arms.  


Soul felt disturb.  Unable to sleep peacefully he finds himself making his way down a flight of stairs.  A scream rings out through the stairs ways.  It was Maka,  she was screaming and in pain.  The hairs on his body standing on edge to hear her cry out like that.  “FUCK” he curses running down the stairs following her cries. She has never cried out sounding so hopeless, sounding like she was in so much pain.Please hang on! he thinks to himself gritting his teeth in concern.  Finally at the bottom of the stairs he tries to open the door but it’s lock.  He didn’t care, backing up from the door he throws his fully body weight against it. Not being fast enough, he uses his feet under the door knob, hoping it would break the lock.. “Maka!” he yells hoping to hear her back. “Wait, I’m coming!” He yells again kicking at the door with all his strength, it flies open and he steps out trying to locate her.  He find her on the floor sobbing and crying in her own blood to hurt to move,  as this creature tears off her clothes. Is this what she has been fighting this whole time? He knew about the woman, but what the fuck was that?  His heart is beating out of his chest, without hesitation he runs towards it transforming his arm into a blade.  


His eyes open, he is back in his bed.  No stairs or dark room or blood covered Maka. Actually no Maka to begin with.  Her side of bed is empty.  He taps the area startle to not see her there,and hits it again as if tapping it would help locate her.  Looking up he sees the balcony door open wide. Maka sitting on the edge,  leaning too far off it.  His heart stops as adrenaline surges through him, she has been doing stupid shit, but nothing like this. It’s not like her to give up, she had to fight.  

He jumps off the bed running to her grabbing her by the waist as he pulls her off the balcony. “do that again and I’ll tie you to the bed” he yells angry with her.

At the same time she starts moving again screaming and crying gasping for air as she claws her nails in his arms.  He yells out in pain, shock that she is scratching him.  But he refuses to let go as he brings her inside the room.  


Maka is convinced she still there.  It’s his arms wrapped around her waist as he is about to penetrate her, the arms were gone and she had to take the chance to get away before it could defile her. She falls to the floor and runs.  It’s her house but she isn’t safe, nowhere is safe.  

She is gasping for air sobbing in complete fear as she throws herself into the bathroom shaking in fear.  Souls notices her panic,  she doesn’t see that she is safe now.  Turning the lights on, slowly he speaks up to her.  “baby, it’s me” he says slowly approaching her as she sat next to the sink.  “you’re safe,  you’re not there anymore”.  He touches her shoulder trying to be gentle but she flinches.  “Maka,  I would never hurt you,  it’s Soul,  your boyfriend” he tries to remind her.  She stop sobbing now sniffling as her eyes look into his.  

Finally realizing she has left her hell hole more tears fall down her face as she cries in silence.  Soul took this as a chance to get closer to her.  After what he just saw he was trying to keep his anger in control. Not only for her almost killing herself out there, but for that dark room torture she just had to endure. Picking her up avoiding all sexual contact he brings her to bed.  cradling her body like a child.  “I can’t do it anymore,  Soul” Maka whimpers getting closer to him.  “it’s in my mind, it taking over, the fucking black blood” she says ashamed she wasn’t strong enough to fight.  “I know love” Soul tells her kissing her forehead he moved her in the the middle the of the bed. “For how long?” she asks.

Soul shakes his head,  “it doesn’t matters. What matters is that you finally told me. We can figure it out”  he says wrapping the blanket around her and then hugging her.  “for now get some rest,  I’ll be right here  I won’t let them hurt you again” he says softly.  Maka was too scared to sleep,  but her lack of sleep was winning over as she unwillingly closed her eyes.  Souls arm was draped around her, she sighs hoping he could.  

I was on his motorcycle. Soul was speeding through the streets of a foreign country. Blinking my eyes a couple more time I takes in the view. The sun was setting over a beautiful skyline. We were on top of a hill going down, nervous I clings onto Soul as the wind pulled my hair back. The wind felt like it was lifting me up causing my stomach to jump around as adrenaline coursed through my body. Unable to help myself I begin to laugh and my arms wrap around Soul torso pulling him closer to me. Soul turns back quickly looking at me, his sly grin showing his sharp teeth as his eyes lock with mine. He doesn’t look very long but he holds my gaze for a moment as if looking into me before turning his eyes back to the road.

I look up we are no longer in a city. All that surrounds us is this highway. Looking to the side I see the ocean as I see we are on the edge of a mountain. “Soul where are we going?” I ask turning my head a little in curiosity. “It’s a surprise” He says not taking his eyes off the road.

I blink again as we are no longer on the motocycle. I am dressed with a beautiful red dress. It falls to the floor hugging all my curves with a cut on one side allowing me to walk comfortably. Soul appears and the lighting becomes brighter, slowly showing a beautifully decorated ballroom. He takes my hand as I glide across the dance floor. My hair is pulled up into a fancy bun, as he pulls me closer I smell his colon, one that I have gotten so use to over the years that we have been together. Placing my hand on his chest I feel his muscles under his suit. He leans forward kissing me softly before dipping me. “I love you Maka” He says the words sounding like they came from inside my head.   I close my eyes again enjoying this moment with him.

Opening them again I am asleep on our couch, he had just finished coming out the shower, smelling of water droplets and him he comes to get me from the couch. “Maka” He says my name again, and I jump at the way my name rolls out of his mouth. In this little clip I am still asleep though almost as if I am seeing him and me from outside my body, watching it like someone watches a movie. He brushes my hair out of my face caressing my face in the process. He leans over and I see his muscles flex, a towel wrapped around his waist and he purposely let the water from his hair drop on my face.  Sleeping me twitches as the drops hits my face causing him to laugh a little. Soul stands up and then bends over picking sleeping me off the couch and goes upstairs to our bedroom as the scene slips away.

The lights are no longer here, How long have I been standing here? I feel really tired. I rub my arms only to feel something slick and wet on my fingers. Rubbing my fingers together in confusion I squint my eyes hoping to identify it. Slowly the room brighten up as I see more closely the wet stuff on my hand is blood. It’s red…… Blood. My heart starts to pound and I look up trying to understand my situation. Across the room Soul is tied up in metal chains. The side of his face sliced up, his eyes bloodshot red and his skin was black and blue, damaging his beautiful appearance. “Soul!” I cry out only to hear myself croak his name. I begin to cough and spit up blood, red blood. This doesn’t make sense My blood is black, it’s been black ever since that day in the church. Love can be blinding I hear her say and look up to see her making her way to Soul her talon already itching to tear as his flesh. “Get away from him!” I yell but it comes out broken and dry again. I jump to my feet running to him, only to fall down. My legs ache with the movement but I refuse to let her hurt him. “Leave him alone!” I yell my voice still raspy but louder. Funny that was exactly what he said she says laughing as I jump in between her and him.

Confused I turn around to see the cut didn’t stop at the side of his face, it had slice a bit into his left eye blinding him. He looked up and my breath caught in my throat to see his tired sad eyes. The hurt and pain he was trying to bear, his dry crack lips turn into a small smile. He just wanted to say good bye she says laughing as I felt hands grab my arms and pulled me back. Let go! Soul I am sorry, you can’t!” I start pulling away. My body, my emotions, I should have been crying. Tears fell down my face and my heart felt heavy but no sound came out. I tug away but he, the mannequin man only pulled harder twisting my arm in pain. She had her talons at his throat, his snow white hair now covered in red matter as he made eye contact with me.

I love you Maka he says softly, I read the words off his lips but I couldn’t hear them. Not with their demonic laughter ringing around the room, not with my desperate screams begging them to stop, to do anything to me but not him. I couldn’t be without him. Her talons slid across his throat, the last thing he mouthed was look away. And like a coward I did. I closed my eyes sobbing and then screaming  as I felt the warm blood splatter around my body. They did it. They won. I won’t try anymore. I felt arms wrapped around me and it was Soul’s voice, or what I wished of it, he was gone now. I was alone.


Maka eyes open, tears streaming down her face as she took a breath in trying to not let a sob out. She closed her eyes breathing in and out trying to calm down. Looking to her side she felt Soul warm arms wrapped around her. Relief she pulled him closer still frantic as her body shook in fear. She took in the sight of his beauty. His well defined muscles, his soft lips and beautiful skin and hair. She couldn’t ever lose him. Seeing the dead woman do that made her crazy. She would happily go crazy if she ever lost him. Still frantic she sniffled pulling him closer making sure he was really there. Stirring awake he complied pulling her close to cuddle, but she wanted more than that. She curled up into his arms pulling him closer grabbing his chin and pulling him down to kiss her. He opened one sleepy eye looking at her in confusion. She had been crying but he was unsure of why. “Maka?” he mumbles as she pulls him in for another kiss. And another, each one longer than before.

He kissed her back noticing how much he had truly missed his girlfriend with each kiss. They both kissed each other for such different reasons. She kissed him hungrily as if she had gone months without seeing him, and he tried to kiss her back softly trying to enjoy the soft sensation of her lips.

Still she wanted more, more to claim him. That no one would dare hurt a fucking hair on his head. Getting up she straddled him and lean back down to kiss him again. Soul still half asleep and unsure what was going on let her take control. His body reacting perfectly to her needs. Finally able to find her voice she leans down placing her forehead on his cupping his face. “Soul, I love you” She whispers almost afraid to say it. He notices her voice changing and her body slightly tremble. Pulling her closer he gives her what she needs as he began to kiss her demandingly. “I love you too” he says and that does it for her. Pulling their clothes off, they get into positions. She straddles him again, placing her hands on his chest she pulls her legs back to help her rock her hips.

Maka begins to moan enjoying herself, Soul watching her reaction as she closed her eyes her head tip to the side allowing her hair to flow around her, her lips slightly parted, breathing heavily. But she wanted to be in control right now, so that’s what Soul was going to give her.

Still it took everything in his power to not caress and touch her the way he wanted to. Leaning over she cupped his face kissing and biting his lips. A low groan tumbled out of his throat further encouraging her. She knew he wanted more, she did too at that point. “Soul, please” she asks gently  letting him know what she wanted.

He didn’t take a second to even think about it. The second she gave him permission he grab her by the hips taking control of their situation. Her breathing was irregular as he pushed into her, feeling the tension building up in him. He groans again the same time she closes her eyes, both of them reaching their high together. Catching her breath, she throws herself down next to him and he welcomes her into his arms where she cuddles into him.

When he catches his breath he thinks back to when he was just waking up and he saw her with tear stained eyes. “Maka, are you alright?” he asks turning his head to see a peaceful sleeping Maka with a small smile on her lips. Peaceful and happy, a side of her he missed so much.  “Good night baby” he mumbles as he himself surrenders to sleep.


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