It was finally Saturday night. Maka had tried her best to keep herself calm. She had sat in their gym rooms for hours trying to meditate. Soul wouldn’t let her drink anymore, since he believed it would be progress. However she knew that Patty and Liz were going to be bringing liquor to Tsubaki place. Soul should have known this too. There have been a couple of times where Maka has gone home a bit tipsy. Leaving Soul to deal with a flirtatious and hyperactive Maka.

Soul was outside on the balcony equally trying to relax. It’s been four days now that Maka has finally told him everything and he has been able to be a bit more supportive. He took the alcohol away as soon as they woke up. She had cringe when she saw him gathering them up, ALL of them. He had hidden them while she was mediating and refused to give her any clue on where they could be. But she wanted to gain control of the situation so she resisted the temptation.  

Taking a deep breath he turns away from the balcony and heads downstairs to their gym room. “Hey Maka” he calls out opening the door.  She didn’t respond making him step in “Maka?” looking around he sees her body on the floor next to the treadmill. “not again” he mumbles to himself as he runs to grab her.  She has been trying really hard, but he saw the toll the black blood takes on her when she resisted.  She was probably in the black room now with who knows what now. “Hey!” he calls out grabbing her as he cradles her in his arms.  He was going to shout again ready to shake her awake before seeing her chest go up and down,  a light snoring coming out of her.  

“I guess that’s good progress” he sighs a breath of relief.  After all it’s only been four days since she told him.  She has spent a lot of the time mediating and now that she could; sleeping. “Let’s go to bed” he says softly, pulling her up into his arms he brings her up the stairs to their room.

Laying her down, Soul takes a look at her sleeping so soundly. Her nightmares weren’t as intense now. Ever since their fail soul resonance he has been able to tell when the black blood was bothering her. At first he wasn’t sure why he always needed a second a cool off at anything that annoyed him. He had to keep repressing a slight rage and paranoia within him. He soon began to realize Maka mood also change whenever he felt this presence. Putting one and one together he figured out that the black blood had infected him and even though the presence was only slightly there, he had to constantly shrug it off.

Pulling the covers on top of her, Maka instinctively grab onto it, curling up into a ball as she continued to doze off. A small smile crept onto Soul lips as he took off his shirt and shoes climbing into bed with her. Looking at her resting so peacefully now, it was hard to imagine that she was fighting a war within herself. Soul felt frustrated with the black blood always in the back of his mind, messing around with his emotions. Which means he couldn’t even image the shit Maka was dealing with when she had to fight off the real deal. He was slightly concern for himself, but knew he couldn’t tell Maka about it, she would freak out.

Wrapping an arm around her he closed his eyes. They have both been avoiding sleep for such a long time, but for the past few days, all they could do as soon as they got home was sleep. For once Maka had been able to sleep peacefully and he was happy that things seemed to be getting better.


“Here” Patty says as she walks up to Maka. “Drink this” forcing a red cup into her hand she leans back against the wall watching her. Smelling the drink she was slightly disappointed “Wine?” she question taking a sip of it. “Yeah, you know that Tsubaki can’t drink strong liquor, so we thought we should get her wine” Patty says mockingly as Tsubaki glares at her. Laughing at her reaction she hands back the drink to Patty. “If you don’t mind, I need a stronger drink, that taste like really strong juice” Maka comments. After weeks of drinking till non stop, her body had developed a stronger tolerance to alcohol and wine didn’t make the cut at this point.

“Shots!” Patty yells downing Maka cup before throwing it to a close by trash. “We are taking shot!” She yells again throwing herself on top of Liz who was the only one actually interested in the chick flick they had agreed to put on. “Ow, Patty quit it! You’re not even drunk!” Liz yells throwing her sister off the couch. Giggling from the floor she raised her hand “Who wants a shots?” she asks.

Maka didn’t know what to expect, she had practically shut them all out the past couple of weeks, yet they were all here drinking and laughing like everything was normal. “Come on Maka, lighten up, or you’ll end up having wrinkles like Liz” Tsubaki teases as she pulls her to the couch. “I do not have wrinkles!” Liz proclaims pulling away from the t.v. “Right?” she questions then jumping over the couch she runs to the bathroom to inspect her face. Sitting down Tsubaki lowers the volume of the television, and begins to play music.  “Wait for Liz” Patty comments as she hands them a small clear cup vodka. Tsubaki groans not looking forward to the drink. Maka mood instantly lifted when she saw the little shot glass. Yeah she was trying to cool down with it but what could one drink do.

“Hey maybe we should have a spa day, I could really go for one” Liz comments exiting out of the bathroom. “Yeah sure, next time, drink up” Maka says handing her the small cup. Looking down at the cup Liz smiles grabbing it eagerly. “Cheers” she exclaims raising it up along with the other three girls and downing the drink. Now with the drink in her system Maka felt herself come alive. Her mood did a good 180, after all that sleeping she did, she was eager to just have fun and relax.

A song played that ran a thrill through Maka and she jump up onto the coffee table dancing. “Drunk already?” Liz comments hands at her hips as she grin at Maka’s mood. Maka giggles as she shakes her head in response. Swinging her hips to the music she looks down at them. Tsubaki still had her face scrunch up in disgust as she coughs, the taste of vodka still in her mouth. “I think she needs another shot” Maka declares pointing at Tsubaki who stuck her tongue out in response. “This is the Maka I enjoy!” Patty exclaims jumping onto the table to dance along with her.


Since the girls decided to spend the night together, the guys thought it would be nice to have sometime away from their partners. They figured that spending the night at Souls apartment would be the smartest idea. Their goal for the night, finish as much of Maka’s liquor bottle as possible. Now that it was out in the air about Maka condition, Soul felt like he could count on the support of his friends even more now, which put him more at ease.

The scene the was in front of him, was practically normal. All three of them playing poker around the kitchen table, two bottles already done. Kid was losing because he refused the rules of the game, trying to keep everything symmetrical, which Blackstar used to his advantage. Blair was popping in out and going between both houses. Tsubaki and Blackstar lived only three blocks away making her trip easier.

Still he couldn’t shake off the constant worrying if Maka was actually doing alright. He didn’t feel the presence of the black blood so he knew that was a good sign. Still concern he picked up his phone. She hasn’t responded to his recent text which wasn’t that big of a deal. Maybe he should call just to make sure that she is okay.


“Bro, pick that phone up again, and you won’t have one” Blackstar warns him.


“Yeah Soul, you have been on top of it all night, let it go. The girls are having fun for now” Kid chips in.


“Plus if anything happens, we all know Tsubaki would let us know” Blackstar adds.


“I know, you guys are right” Soul admitted putting the phone down. But he still couldn’t keep his eyes off of it incase she would text. “It’s just been really hard on her is all” he explains scratching his head in embarrassment. Picking his cards back up he rejoined the game.


It wasn’t till an hour later, almost 11 at night that she texted back. Dropping his card he reaches for his phone immediately. “Seriously dude” Blackstar says annoyed as he yank the phone away from Soul. “You’re acting like a chick with a crush” he teases.

“You know what’s going on, give me the phone” Soul says getting up extending his hand for the phone. “Chill dude, you want to go out and get your mind off of it?” Blackstar offers pulling the phone behind his back.

Soul runs his hand through his hair, clearly stressed out. “Alright, come on, we are leaving” Kid declares wrapping his arm around Soul’s neck practically dragging him out of the apartment. “Woohoo!” Blackstar shouts pumping his fist in the air as he follows them. “Finally, our night can start”


“You were cheating the whole time in poker!” Kid glares at him.


“It’s not cheating, when you are as awesome as me” Blackstar throws out shrugging his shoulders.


“You don’t count as an exception for the rules!” Kid yells at him.


Taking his phone out of Blackstar hands, Soul finally gets a chance to look at the text.


Maka’s #: Hey, It’s Tsubaki, We decided to head out to our regular place at Death’s Ale, I have Maka’s phone incase you are concern, she is fine.


That was good to know. At least she was having fun, she needed to let loose and enjoy herself.

Making their way to a bar, they sat down ordering their drinks. They weren’t really the kind to go out dancing but enjoying the music was more than enough.  Well all for except maybe Blackstar who was currently flirting with a girl by the end of the bar. The music was loud and the girls around them were starting to get physically close to Kid and Soul as the time pass on.

Kid was incredibly picky about choosing a girl to even flirt with, which meant he stuck around to Soul whenever they went out. However it didn’t mean that the girls didn’t make an effort with Kid, becoming very promiscuous as they seek his attention. His features were far more mature, than Souls or Blackstar. Without even trying his image was easily one of maturity or assertiveness, but he was also quite shy around women, making it harder to keep girls at a distance.

Getting up he backed away from the circle of girls forming around Kid. Kid shot him a clear sign of distress to which Soul laugh off and went outside leaving him alone.

Taking a deep breath of air, Soul look up to the night sky finding a calmness in it. He was always so worried when it came to Maka now in days, he hasn’t had much time to think about anything else for the longest. Maybe now that things were calming down, he could go back to building that motorcycle out of scratch, or writing another song. He was a musicians after all.

“Are you okay?” He heard someone asks. Turning around he spotted Tsubaki, Patty and Liz looking at him. Tsubaki had on black jeans with a rip design on it, a black top and with black leather jacket on and Liz had on red pants, and a crop top on. Patty had thrown on white shorts and a small top that barely covered her in the most needed place.

“Yeah I’m fine, what are you guys doing here” Soul questions, “I thought you were going to Death Ale”

“Maka made us change direction, heading here to see what you guys enjoyed so much about it” Liz explains. “Yeah, well you guys should head in there, Kid is having some trouble fending off the drunk girls” Soul nods towards the entrance. “Where is Maka?” he questions. They all looked around to notice that Maka wasn’t in the group with them. “She must have gone inside” Tsubaki says. Nodding his head, Soul starts to make his way back into the bar with his friends.

“There” Soul point to Kid, who has moved from the bar and was now sitting on a love seat completely surrounded. He was a light shade of red, still trying to fend of the girls. “Alright, let’s go save our meister” Liz groans pulling Patty. “Alright ladies, back off” Liz shouts trying to raise her voice above the music.  Pushing their way through, they approach Kid was didn’t bother hiding his happiness of seeing them.

“That happy to see us?” Patty says sweetly winking at Kid. She was like Blackstar, still childish at heart. but it didn’t mean they didn’t know how to use their sexual appeal to get a rise out of the opposite sex. A girl was sitting down on the arm of the chair practically draped around Kid’s neck. “Come on play time is over, now move it” Liz warns the girl. Pouting the girl looks away burying her face into Kid’s neck causing him to stiffen up.

Liz grabs her by the shirt pulling her off. “I said time to go” She yells throwing her to the floor and taking her seat. “Thank you!” Kid mumbles relief to see the circle of girls disperse. “Of course, anything for you lover” Patty says seductively, grabbing his chin as she gets closer to him. Sitting on his lap she crosses her legs, looking deep into his eyes. Kid stared back for a moment, entrance by her little stunt.

“Patty, don’t do that” He says breaking their contact, pushing her to sit on the other arm of the chair. “It’s deeply disturbing, and unprofessional” he says looking down at the floor. Immediately she burst into a fit of giggles, enjoying the fact that she could bother him in such a way. “Kid, if you were that stern with the other girls, we wouldn’t have to come to your rescue all the time” Liz scolds him grabbing his beer.


“Those three sure are something else, huh” Tsubaki comments looking at their friends lovingly. “Yeah” Soul replies, he was so busy looking at them, he forgot he was supposed to look for Maka. “Where is Blackstar?” she asks turning to face Soul, raising her voice over the music which was starting to get louder. “Probably flirting with some girl” Soul tells her surveying the crowd for Maka. “I’m still looking for Maka, but I don’t see her in the crowd.”

Looking up Tsubaki starts to laugh, “Don’t be mad, she isn’t in the crowd” Tsubaki smiles pointing towards the bar. On top of the bar Maka was wearing a pair of tight fitted jeans, and a black leather top that showed of her stomach, and push up her breast. Immediately the attention of every guy in the room went to her. Swaying her hips to the music she shook her ass to the beat of the music.

“When I said she could have fun, I didn’t mean this” Soul growls ready to yank her off the bar. “Come on, she has been stressing, let her enjoy herself” Tsubaki elbows him, trying to keep him from over thinking it.  “Fine, then You can’t get mad at that.” Soul replies pointing to Blackstar who was on the other side of the bar dancing to the music too. Ignoring Soul, Tsubaki ran to the other side telling Blackstar to get down.

“Maka!” He yells pushing himself past the crowd. Hearing her name she turns around looking at the crowd. “Maka, get down!” He shouts signaling for her to come down. “Soul!” she screams happy to see him. Jumping off the stage she ran into his arms. “How drunk are you” he starts to question her, pulling her at arm length to inspecting her face.

She smiles “Just a cup of vodka soda, and two shots at tsubaki’s place” she explains. She didn’t even look tipsy, but she did seem so much more relaxed. Soul looks at her confused, she only did things like that when under the influence. “I wanted to have a bit of fun, don’t worry please” she says pulling him closer. Embracing her in his arms she pulls him closer, nuzzling his neck. “Let’s go dance” She asks pulling him to the dance floor leaving him no space for refusal.

It bothered him that she was enjoying her new wild side, but if she was smiling and not doing anything stupid. He was more than willing to look it over. Pulling her closer, they began to dance to the music.


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