Writing's of a Restless Mind

Once More

This was it. They had been planning for months on how to do this. If everything went according to plan they would soon be on sitting on a beach relaxing on some tropical island.  Looking up she makes eye contact with... Continue Reading →


"You never fail Until you stop trying" - Albert Einstein

Still Here (IG) 

Holding her hand by his back just in case he fell Hinata looked at her little boy. A strong and determined look on his face as he took wobbly steps all by himself. She wished Naruto could see him. He... Continue Reading →

Protect You (IG)

Eren was still laying down unconscious on the bed. Mikasa has been sitting down next to him for three hours now monitoring him just incase of anything. He could be such an idiot sometimes, always charging head first into situation... Continue Reading →

Forced (IG)

The demons were making it more complicated. Taking them down, that wasn’t the hard part. It was knowing that his friends might get hurt as collateral damage. Most of them could be able to take it, but Elizabeth was among... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare

I was always called childish for being scared of horror movies. Told that it didn’t make sense for me to be okay with watching movies with serial killers but not with demons or spirits. But there was always a reason... Continue Reading →


The aroma of the food was flooding the kitchen. The food was almost done, I just had to let it sit for a few more minutes. My cellphone started ringing. Again? No doubt it was work, most likely asking me... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Love (IG)

A mother’s love is unlike any other. Android 18 was no exception to that. She cared and loved her daughter like no other being could. That’s why  she needs to save her.  Goku and vegeta far from earth, training. Everyone... Continue Reading →

Unfair (IG)

“And the winner is Sanji Vinsmoke” The announcer screams in the mic. Sanij lands on his feets, breathing heavily. The fights were nothing at first but as the time progressed, he became more tired out. Walking off the stage he... Continue Reading →

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