Writing's of a Restless Mind


"The pessimist complains about the wind The optimist excepts it to change The Realist adjusts the sails" - William A. Ward  

Welcome to the madness (Part 7)

It was finally Saturday night. Maka had tried her best to keep herself calm. She had sat in their gym rooms for hours trying to meditate. Soul wouldn’t let her drink anymore, since he believed it would be progress. However... Continue Reading →

Lesson (Part 5)

I know father was going to get upset. But I believe that this something I need to do by myself. I am not making any progress at home. I don’t like lying, not to him. but a white lie shouldn’t... Continue Reading →


It started to rain, not hard, just the kind that made you think the air was very moist and it wasn’t until you were soaking wet that you notice it was raining. So I didn’t get up from my bed... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the madness (part 6)

Reader's Discretion is advised, Mature content/Trigger warning   Everything looks so perfect, however I knew it wasn’t. Although everyone is laughing and spending time together, I knew there was something dark lurking. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, where... Continue Reading →


Never could she imagine this is how she would spent her time. She believed if she pushed hard enough she would get a star role on broadway. She came from a small town in Utah and by a miracle she... Continue Reading →


It was only a matter of time. I had bad habits and they were really hard to break. “Luther!” He calls my name out. “Come on, you're free to go” he says opening the gate to my cell.   Great... Continue Reading →

Rexi & Keon

The open field was beautiful with the sun setting across the horizon. A gentle breeze blowing my hair back. Biting my lip, I hesitate as I position myself to run. A few meters in front of me was the edge... Continue Reading →

Lesson’s Part 4

There was that day. It probably was what made me push even further, but just as easily could have broken me. It wasn't one that was easiest for me to forget. I spend a good year winning a lot of... Continue Reading →

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