Writing's of a Restless Mind




"Your mind is a powerful thing When you fill it positive thoughts your life will start to change" - Unknown

Blend on The Water

Hey, so recently I went to this restaurant called Blend on the water. It caught my eyes for its beautiful view of the New York City skyline. I was never able to book it for a day that I would... Continue Reading →

Star wars: Rogue one

  The other day my friend who is a big star wars fan had wanted to go see the recent movie rogue one. His brother was sick and couldn't go so I went with him instead. I am actually not... Continue Reading →

CW11 Crossover

  I love super hero’s. No I don’t know comic book issue or all the side stories, or even how many times a hero has died by villain. But I do have a decent amount of knowledge that allows me... Continue Reading →

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