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Protect You (IG)

Eren was still laying down unconscious on the bed. Mikasa has been sitting down next to him for three hours now monitoring him just incase of anything. He could be such an idiot sometimes, always charging head first into situation... Continue Reading →

Forced (IG)

The demons were making it more complicated. Taking them down, that wasn’t the hard part. It was knowing that his friends might get hurt as collateral damage. Most of them could be able to take it, but Elizabeth was among... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Love (IG)

A mother’s love is unlike any other. Android 18 was no exception to that. She cared and loved her daughter like no other being could. That’s why  she needs to save her.  Goku and vegeta far from earth, training. Everyone... Continue Reading →

Unfair (IG)

“And the winner is Sanji Vinsmoke” The announcer screams in the mic. Sanij lands on his feets, breathing heavily. The fights were nothing at first but as the time progressed, he became more tired out. Walking off the stage he... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Madness (Part 4)

“To stay alive in a bad situation you need to have two things” Maka explains writing it out on the board. “You and your partner must have an understanding with each other, if one is thinking of defending, while the... Continue Reading →

Pull Him Back (IG)

“Rin, Stop!” Shiemi yells crawling away from the blue flames that lick her feet.  He only growled in response. His demonic part was in full control. “Rin, please remember who you are” She yells again, summoning her familiar to help... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Madness (Part 3)

(Mature) Readers discretion is advised.

Her Mission Part 3

“Sorry! That was my fault” He says still holding his blade against hers. “Jellal!” She exclaims pulling away from their sword lock. “Hey” he says returning his sword back to his side. “Were  you the one who sent that job... Continue Reading →

Her Mission – Part 2

Erza rolls around in her sleep. The blankets felt soft against her bare skin and the sun was shining through the window on the far end. But the window wasn’t suppose to be on the opposite of her bed. A... Continue Reading →

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