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Never Far

In Loving Memory of...

On a Different Life

Chapter One   Mom said just a month, that is all I have to do survive here just a month and then I can go back to my beautiful mansion. I take a step out of my jet and wait... Continue Reading →

Once More

This was it. They have been planning for months on how to do this. If everything went according to plan they would soon be on sitting on a beach relaxing on some tropical island.  Looking up she makes eye contact with... Continue Reading →

The Nightmare

I was always called childish for being scared of horror movies. Told that it didn’t make sense for me to be okay with watching movies with serial killers but not with demons or spirits. But there was always a reason... Continue Reading →


The aroma of the food was flooding the kitchen. The food was almost done, I just had to let it sit for a few more minutes. My cellphone started ringing. Again? No doubt it was work, most likely asking me... Continue Reading →

Lesson’s (Part 3)

Father finally got me my first contract. He said it took some time but he wanted to surprise me with it. Good thing too, because I wasn't’t having a good day from what I remember. I’ve been working as a... Continue Reading →

The Plague

Journal Entry: 27 Date: 07/15/2074 This always happens. On the news and all through the main media it will show for weeks, maybe a month or two. A horrible disease that our government has learned about. That has spread through... Continue Reading →

Lessons (Part 2)

Three years of  living in this house and I still carried a lot of anger in me.  It was a wake up call to my parents, when I tackled my sister after I taunted her into hitting me with her... Continue Reading →


Fight, you’re not weak, only the weak give up. Those were the words that repeated often in my head when I wanted to throw the towel in. They weren’t my personal words of motivation. They were the words my father... Continue Reading →

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